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Fraud is a concern for any company which hires employees, accountants or other hired experts who have access to the business’ income receipt or funds. Basically, all businesses are at risk of fraud to some degree. Fraud is usually committed in the form of misappropriation or scanning, acts which can be difficult to identify, even in case of small business settings. Forensic accounting is one of the most thrilling and satisfying career choices available. The reason forensic accountants are at such a high demand is since fraud is becoming an ever increasing problem and is becoming simpler to commit.


In today’s society, increased technology has given individuals the facility to commit fraud on a huge scale and get away with it fairly easily. Anthony Ifediba is a well-known attorney who has specialized skills in Forensic Auditing and Accounting services and is currently working as a managing partner at Ifediba Law Group, LLC. Mr. Ifediba often helps in professional negligence claims and gives expert evidence at the eventual trial.

Forensic accounting is a financial service which focuses on recognizing or inhibiting fraud in business sets; forensic audits performed by forensic accountants focus on identifying ways in which a business is vulnerable to fraud or identifying fraud which is being committed. Specialists who are qualified to perform forensic audits gather concrete evidence which is permissible in a court of law. Forensic accounting revolves around two key areas, litigation support and investigation.

The litigation support is a part of a forensic accountant’s occupation that includes finding out the amount lost by parties in a legal dispute, and can involve attesting as a professional witness in trials. As an adept witness, Anthony Ifediba uses his knowledge in the field of financial measures and crime fighting and helps in settling disputes between divorcees and assists in determining income available for child support and equitable distribution. On the other hand, investigation involves combining the abilities of both accountants and detectives in order to detect fraud.

Forensic audits are not only used for identifying fraud; a forensic accountant may also inspect a company to find areas in which the company may be susceptible to fraud. By recognizing these areas with a detailed forensic audit, companies can take action to avoid fraud.

Apart from having extensive skills in forensic auditing and accounting, Mr. Ifediba has extensive proficiency in the area of Mortgage Backed Securities, Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Master Securities Forwards Transaction Agreements, Toxic Torts Litigation, Antitrust cases, Airplane Accidents Litigation, Environmental Law Litigation, Defective drugs etc. He has represented clients in each type of court, from Supreme Court to the Municipal Court. After graduating from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, he obtained the law degree with honors from Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia. Ifediba is licensed in Washington, DC and Alabama but then again he works on cases both on a national scale and across many countries.

For free consultation on Forensic Auditing and Accounting services, one can get in touch with Anthony Ifediba of Ifediba Law Group, LLC today.

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