2 Ways To Get Better Deals With Your Favorite Retailers

Some people enjoy spending money more than others. There’s something so satisfying about walking into a store, seeing something you like, and being able to have it. All you have to do is hand over a couple green bills or slide a little rectangle of plastic through a machine and anything you could desire is yours. For those who don’t like spending money, they don’t get the same enjoyment, but person who loves spending money and the penny pincher both having something in common despite their differences. They both like to get good deals.


If you’re always in the neighborhood looking for ways to get good deals but you don’t know where to begin to acquire them, here are 2 ways you can get better deals with your favorite retailers:

Exchange A Text for A Text

Seeing as the world is constantly evolving and the way that customers interact with retailers is a part of this cycle, retailers are always looking for better and different ways to connect with their market. Since today people are never anywhere without their phones, it’s only natural that a company would use these devices as a way instantly connect.

This manifests itself in SMS marketing where a company will send out a mass text to those who text into the service about some special sale or update. The customer has a very low commitment to adhere to. All they have to do is text the number and the retailer can then connect with them at any time, sending out updates, promotions, and basically keeping the customer in their court. If you sign up for these text updates with your favorite retailers, you’re going to get exclusive coupons and promotions other people won’t. It’s little hassle to you, and you’ll get better deals with your favorite stores.


Get the Credit Card

Everybody has been to a store and had the employee ask if they wanted to save 10 or 20 percent on their purchase by signing up for a rewards or credit card. If you’re like a majority of the population, you were probably very quick to say “no, thank you”, but consider this: If this is your favorite store and you find yourself there at least once a week, how much money are you spending there?

Furthermore, when you get a credit card, it usually qualifies you to always be able to save a certain percentage on your purchase and you also get points that stack up and lead to savings. If they give you the option of paying off the card right in store with cash or check, there is no reason not to just do the card. It can be worth it if you shop there a lot, so before you say no because it’s a credit card, consider if it’s a worthy investment for you. It could mean constant savings. You just have to be smart about paying it off.

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