Types of Women Kurtis According to Every Occasion

For every occasion a woman can have a Kurti to go with it. The Kurti has become the modern must-have garment to be worn with various bottoms for a desired effect. Variety in Kurtis comes with the design of the neckline, sleeves and length of it. The flare and the extras added onto it is what make kurti dresses unique in the way they appear on wearers.

There are different types of Kurtis that a woman can consider for purchase when looking for one. Straight kurtis come with length and are the traditional look of the dress. It can be made of different materials and come in a variety of colors. Jacket Kurtis have hooks and buttons and are suited to wear in festivals. Asymmetric Kurtis have uneven hemlines and come in any length whether short or extended. Shirt Kurtis come in various designs even though originally they had buttons running along the front. They have standard collars to go with them.

A-line Kurtis on the other hand, come with wide bottoms that form an `A’ shape. It narrows at the top while flaring out at the bottom and best suits for wear to parties. Anarkali kurtis comes in a flare at the lengths. These are made with more material and flare out in pleats as well, for that unique look when going to prom night or an evening party. Frock Kurtis are well liked among the young and come with a variety of features as well. Resembling a classic Frock, they are part of Indian fashion made from cultural craftsmanship.

Different Kurti designs bring out the true feminine nature of the wearer. This trend has taken on different colors and styles that have designers working round the clock to churn out Kurtis to suit every occasion. There are numerous Kurti designs for one to choose from as Indians love taste in their dressing. Personal taste will have a big hand in the kind of Kurti that you go for. Kurtis go with the fabric used to make them and different designs work well with certain fabrics.

Several other points should be considered when deciding on the type of Kurti to buy. One of them is the body shape of the wearer as one should buy the design that compliments the figure. Complexion is another factor that also requires consideration in the choice of a Kurti. These two form the basis on which to consider the type of Kurti that goes well with a person. Kurtis design is one of the most varied forms of clothing that also requires the wearer to be keen on the material used to make the dress.

Going by the wide range of variety in Kurtis, a woman has a lot to choose from to suit every occasion in life. When worn well with the right bottoms to match, Kurtis bring out the best in a woman through in the intricate designs on offer. The effect is that one will look younger than they really are wearing a Kurti that suits them.