Errors To Avoid While Designing Church Website

Last decade has seen a lot of website creation for churches. Generally, internet is the main source to attain information for people of all age. Websites are turning out to be a key tool to attract new and young members to the church. However, there are some common mistakes that most of the old church websites have made, which needs to be avoided while creating a new one or re-designing it.

Designing Church Website

Errors to avoid while designing church website

Information overload

Many activities are conducted in the church and it is vital to reflect them on your website. The main purpose of your website is to grow into an information provider for your congregation and attract new members. Therefore, make necessary information easily accessible.

Cluttering the web page with flashy images or space consuming animations will distract readers, making vital information hard to find. Remember, the first thing a new visitor comes searching on your website will be location, contact information and service time, so make these easy to find.

Excessive use of ‘Royal’ colors

Red, purple, and gold are the royal colors used to symbolize God or simply in the church’s logo. Church web designs need to be simple but at times the color scheme makes the website ‘loud’ making it difficult to read. Royal colors can be used only if they echo your message and brand, however select a neutral background, so the page look visually appealing and keeps readers longer on your website. Use church websites development tool available online for a clean and crisp site design.

Low quality photos

Even if your church website is a source of information, it is supposed to reveal an image of modern church. Displaying old staff pictures, events, or church that is distorted, stretched, or pixilated reveals your lack of attention and give wrong impression. Click high quality images and for that a Smartphone camera is ideal.

Nothing new

Most of the churches fail to update their website regularly. No one visiting your site wants to read information two years old. You can assign someone this responsibility and have current events or weekly bulleting or blog posts updated regularly like in a week or month.

Highlighting buildings

Your church building is a vital tool to transform the lives through Gospel power but your church site concentrates on transformed lives, not the images of your brick and mortar building.

Use appropriate photography

Use photographs that appear church-related. The three misrepresented aspects are customs, age, and beauty. For example, if the church is graying then review the pictures of young families you are showing. Show some average Jack and Jill’s. Use photos of those people that resemble you and not who you desire to be.

Avoid too deep

Confession, faith & message, charter information, by-laws, etc. need to be avoided on church website. A single page that assesses what you think in just 500 words is fine. People reading by-laws are dissatisfied members. Keep it simple and concise.

The other things that should never be included in a church website are organizational chart, long staff bios, clip art, organ music playing on homepage and more.