5 Recommendations To Get The Perfect Sleep

Getting the perfect sleep is always one of those goals that everyone has, but very few people seem to think they ever get it! And it’s not necessarily an expensive process, but it does take work on a lot of different things simultaneously or the aggregate result is going to be less than ideal.


So, for the perfect sleep, you need to choose a flexible mattress option, use the right alarm clock, eat right at night, get on a schedule, and if you sleep with someone at night, talk to them about things like snoring or watching TV in the bedroom.

Choose a Flexible Mattress Option

The single most important aspect of getting the perfect sleep is going to be buying the perfect mattress. There are so many different thousands of options, and you really have to sleep on a mattress for at least a few weeks to see if it’s right for you, that it truly does take some serious experimentation. This means in some cases you have to buy a mattress with the understanding that you may have to return it in a month or so.

Use the Right Alarm Clock

If you have to wake up to an alarm clock that puts you in a foul mood, you’re never going to feel like your sleep was right. So, there are a number of gentle alarm clocks you can use that start out quietly with soothing music, and then gradually raise volume and intensity. There are apps you can purchase for your phone that will do the same thing as well, but you might want to attach better speakers for a full-range experience.

Eat Right at Night

And we don’t ever want to admit it, but what you eat at night affects how you sleep. So as much as you want to nosh on whatever you feel like, if you eat sleep-friendly foods, that’s going to help your dream-state tremendously. It might seem like a sacrifice, but it will be worth it in the end.

Get On a Schedule

The more consistent your sleep schedule, the more consistent your sleep. If you’re constantly changing during the weekends, or picking certain nights to stay up late and watch movies or go party, then you’re not going to feel like overall you’re getting the shuteye that you want.

Talk To Your Sleeping Partner

If you have trouble sleeping because of something that your partner does – like snore, or move around too much – then you have to open up that conversation. It’s no use resenting your significant other, and that will happen if you just assume that the issue is going to go away. Record noises at night if you have to, but make your point about the sleeping routine, and get it fixed asap!