4 Tips For Keeping Cool In The Summer Heat

When the summer sun is high and the warm weather gets intense, it can sometimes be difficult to stay cool, but it is possible. If you have to spend a lot of time out in the heat you want to make sure that you are always staying hydrated. Dehydration is terrible and can put you in the hospital, or worse.


Aside from making sure you drink enough water on hot days, there are some other things you can do to help stay cool. Here are some tips.

Use Air Conditioning

While you might want to keep your electric bill down some in the summer months, you still need to have air conditioning if you want to stay cool. It helps to get your air conditioner checked out at the beginning of the warm months to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible. Your home isn’t the only place where you’re going to want to have air though.

Make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning is working well too. While it may be nice to roll down the windows sometimes and feel that fresh air coming in, on days when it’s really hot all you’ll be doing is blowing hot air through your car.

Take Cooler Showers

Nothing is more annoying than taking a nice shower only to step out and be all sweaty again. While you might normally like really hot showers, consider cooling them off a little during the summer months/ You don’t have to take a cold shower, but something lukewarm will at least help keep the post shower sweating down some.

Do More At Night

Just like mowing your lawn in the hot summer sun can be dangerous, it’s helpful to do more after it has cooled down outside. That means doing things when the sun has gone down for the day. If you enjoy walking, or have a dog that needs a daily walk, do it after sunset.

The more you can do after dark, when it comes to things outdoors, the better it will be. You’ll find it much cooler and more tolerable.

Let Some Fresh Air In

When the sun sets and it cools down outside, it’s also a good time to shut the air off and let some fresh air in. Open a few windows so that the cool air from outside can flow through your home. This will help you cut down your electric bill some, and it lets you air out your home too.

Same goes for driving at night, or early in the morning. Don’t waste gas running your air conditioning in the car if it’s cooler outside. Simply roll down the windows, and turn the music up a little, and enjoy your drive.