Rely On The Most Accomplished Name In The Field Of Colon and Rectal Surgery

The human body is a complex mechanism that includes a number of organs and systems necessary for carrying out our everyday functions. An important part of the body is the large intestine which helps in the digestive process. The colon is a part of the large intestine whose function is to reabsorb the fluids, process waste products and thereby prepare for its elimination. Thus, the colon plays an essential role in the body.

However, sometimes the colon cannot function in the desired process and may become a source of trouble. If not treated in time, this condition may take an acute form leading to colorectal cancer. It is the development of cancer from the colon or rectum and can be due to the abnormal growth of cells that have the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, when one is looking for its proper surgical treatment, Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon is a name that comes to the foreground due to her ingenuity in this particular field.

Rely On The Most Accomplished Name In The Field Of Colon and Rectal Surgery

Dr. Cannon is the possessor of an enviable resume. She acquired her M.D degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2008. She finished her colon and rectal fellowship course at the University of Chicago and continued to serve as the clinical associate. Due to her in-depth knowledge and expertise she has now been promoted to the role of the faculty co-ordinator for the colon and rectal surgical section.

Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon is extremely dedicated to her patients utilizing the most updated technologies for better surgical results. But she is of the opinion that patients themselves should be well acquainted with the different methods and procedures so that they can be mentally prepare themselves for the surgery from beforehand.

She is of the opinion that in the U.S.A, colon cancer is the third most acute form of cancer related disease leading to the death of innumerable men and women down the years. The probable causes may be the absence of proper awareness among the patients or the lack of adequate infrastructural facilities required for proper treatment. However, she is optimistic that in present times the rate of mortality has reduced due to the use of colonoscopy.

Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon believes strongly in the fact that a doctor has to be sensitive towards the need of the patient and should lead them towards the path to better health. She is someone who is strongly idolized by the medical students. They look up to her for guidance and follow her as a role model. She is also regarded with high esteem by her team of expert personnel and is considered as one of the most sought after surgeons in Maryland for her thorough diligence and commitment towards the welfare of her patients.

However, this talented lady is not only a staunch supporter of the field of medicine but has other varied interests as well. She takes pleasure in innovative writings, doing pencil sketches and pampering her taste buds with the locally available authentic cuisine.

Thus, Dr. Cannon has become the epitome of the age old proverb, “health and wealth” and by her hard work has earned a respectable name for herself in the field of colon surgery whom one can trust blindfoldedly.