Know How A Spinal Fusion Surgery Is Done Effectively

Spinal fusion is basically a surgical process which is performed in order to treat and manage varieties of physical complications caused by spinal disorders. This surgery procedure aims joining of two or above vertebrae (the interlocking small bones of spinal cord) as a solid bone keeping no space between. The procedures have been established throughout the world as a permanent solution and are found effective for the management of spinal column disorder related problems.  For anyone suffering from spinal fault or unsteadiness due to severe injury, long illness or any other issues, must consult with an efficient neurosurgeon like Joseph Yazdi who can offer effective and permanent solutions.

Typically in spinal fusion surgery, neurosurgeons need using of extra bone for filling up the gap which normally exists within two separate spine column bones or vertebrae. Once the bone start curing, automatically the space gets eliminated. Spinal fusion is one of the demanding surgical procedures in the healthcare industry. The procedure is performed for treatment or restoration of various symptoms/ disorders for spinal problems. If administered by experienced and efficient neurosurgeons, the procedure can make miracle to treat different types of spinal disorders that eventually disturb normal mobility and make it painful. The disorders include:

Tumors/ Herniated disks/ Degenerative disk disease/ Spinal Stenosis/ Fractured vertebrae/ Instability of spinal column/ Curving of the spine/ Abnormal curving at upper spinal part/ Spinal weakness/ Spinal disorders due to critical arthritis, infection or tumors/ spondylolisthesis

During operating a spinal fusion process, neurosurgeons may find the need of including an extra procedure called as DISKECTOMY. The procedures may be performed separately. For this, specialist neurosurgeons like Dr.Joseph Yazdi effectively remove the disk which is found damaged or diseased. Once the disk is removed, bone implant is instituted into the empty disk space. This helps in maintain the effectiveness and needful height between bones and offers long term stability. When spinal fusion or attachment is performed in curving spine together with a DISKECTOMY procedure, it is described as cervical fusion.

Preparation for Spinal Fusion Surgery and Your Role

Similar to all other surgeries, spinal fusion procedure also requires you to spend sufficient time for pre-operative laboratory testing, sitting with your physician and all.

For an effective spinal column surgery, you must talk to your physician in the regard to the following points:

  • Craving for cigarette smoking; keep in mind this can reduce the healing period after spinal fusion.
  • Taking alcohol
  • If you suffer from any other illness including herpes, flu, colds and so on
  • If you are habituated to take pain ‘killers’/ medications over-the-counter or prescription medications even including herbs or supplements

After the procedure, the doctor and neurosurgeon Joseph Yazdi educates his patient as well as their family people in connection with the prohibitions and instructions to follow about taking medications.

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