Garage Door Openers – Some Aspects to Be Cautious About While Purchasing

There are times when the garage door at home might just stop functioning and this could be due to varied reasons. In such cases, it is best to change the garage door. You may have several questions in mind like:-

  • Who should I seek advice from?
  • What all factors should be considered before investing?
  • When will be the right time to get the door installed?
  • Where should I exactly go?
  • How to arrange for things?

Some points you must be aware about

Chamberline garage door, their openers come with variety. They are directly proportional to the type of drive as follows:-

  • Chain
  • Belt
  • Screw

Chain drive

This is the oldest style, but still popular. They are noisy. This is the worst choice, if your garage is right next to your bedroom or a room where silence is to be maintained.

The other side of the coin is some people like to be warned when their garage door opens. It informs them about the entry and exit of someone. If you want such doors, then it is the best option for you.

Belt drive

These are quiet garage doors. They are not noisy. They operate on a rubber belt. Their price is higher than the chain drive doors.


These are the medium choice doors. They operate on few joints. They are designed in a way, that they need lesser maintenance when compared to others. Moreover, if you want, you may mend them, at times, yourself. To be precise, much of the task related to this is DIY.

Size and Power

The standard design of the garage door is operated with the help of ½ horsepower. Heavier doors require more complex Chamberlain garage door opener. When it comes to horse power, it is best not to compromise. This is because difference in prices is not much. Choose what is right and invest in good.

Usually the size of the door is good 7 feet in height. If you require taller doors, then extension kits are used for them to be opened and closed.


None like their house to be looted. To prevent a mishap, it is best to opt for a door, which needs a code to open the door. If such is a provision, it protects your garage and home- both.

Another bright feature of safety to remember is there are many doors, which do not open, if some object blocks their movement. It can be an object falling beneath the doors or mid way. A feature of this kind will protect your children, yourself and your precious belongings and pets.

Battery backup is another safety feature to look for. At times, when there is no power supply, you may feel stuck and helpless, do not worry, many doors have power backup facility.

You must be wondering that since so many aspects need to be looked after, it may cost more too, this is not so. Visit Gate House Supplies to get rid of any query you have in mind. They will introduce cheap and best options to you.