8 Reasons Why Origin Bi-Fold, Patio Doors Are So Special

Home improvements can be a pain in the neck can’t they? Most people are time-starved and have better things to do, so home repairs or DIY jobs tend to be done when things get to the desperate stages – that kitchen cupboard door that’s just about to fall off its hinges; that constantly dripping and the gutters which need replaced before the rainwater starts to flood the attic. On the whole however, these are simple tasks which don’t take much time once we get around to them.  Then there are the bigger home improvement jobs which call for more thought and careful planning to ensure that you get the right result that will last for years. Take patio doors for example. If you reckon it’s time to replace those doors, what are you going to choose? – Wooden frames or PVC? How about the way they’ll open? Still thinking about the traditional sliding variety? How about investigating aluminium bi-fold doors instead? One of the main British manufacturers of bi-fold doors is Origin which are available on a supply-only basis from home-improvement company Ekco based near Edinburgh for delivery UK-wide. Here are just 8 excellent reasons why Origin aluminium, bi-fold doors are very special patio doors indeed.

Fully Extend to let in more light

The main reason why Origin bifold doors have become extremely popular over the last few years is their ability to open up completely, concertina style. This allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view over your garden or beyond. It also lets in more light and air which is just what’s needed during the hot summer months.

Allows a free-flow of fresh air

One of the main problems with modern homes is that they’re over-insulated in a bid to be ‘eco-friendly.’ What can happen as a result is that condensation doesn’t escape so there’s a risk of dampness. With Origin bi-fold doors that problem no longer exists.

British Design and manufacture

Origin bi-fold doors are designed and manufactured here in the UK to the highest possible standards. In fact, the company is so confident in their workmanship that they offer an industry-leading 20 year guarantee.

Low threshold

Origin bi-fold doors from Ekco have a low threshold. This means that you get the illusion of one continuous floor space between your home and your garden. It also helps reduce the risk of tripping as you move from one area to the next.

Thermally efficient

Having bi-fold doors fully open in the warm weather is one thing however, what happens when winter kicks in?  Doors and glazing are measured in ‘U’ Value ratings. When triple glazed, Origin bi-fold doors have a U value rating of 1.3. This simply means that they’re really efficient and above industry standards.

Safe as houses

Burglars can, believe it or not, often break in simply by lifting traditional sliding patio doors up and out of their housing. Origin bi-fold doors however have anti-lift bars at the top and bottom, deeper hooks than standard models, to keep the doors in place and an eight point locking system which meets police ‘Preferred by Design’ standards.

Safety first

The thought of a child trapping their fingers between doors is every parent’s nightmare.  Those clever people at Origin have however, designed safety gaskets which ensure that this can never happen.

Huge range of colours

Origin bi-fold patio doors also come in a huge range of colours so you’ll be spoiled for choice. In fact, you can even choose a different colour on the inside than outside which is perfect if you live in a conservation area.

So there you have it. If you’re in the market for new patio doors then you may want to consider Origin, aluminium bi-fold doors from Ekco which can be custom designed to fit you home and supplied so that your joiner can install them in a matter of hours.