Why You Should Consider These Factory Audits

It is a fact that when companies wish to expand their businesses into China and continue to grow in the country and region, they will need to abide by many sets of strict policies and regulations that is set by the government. You should already know by now that there exits many different kinds of audits so you will want to consider having the following audits.


  • A complete factory audit

Complete factory audits are by far the safest and most comprehensive method of determining whether a company’s factory has implemented all of the right procedures and guidelines that abide by the industry regulations. It is true that these types of audits often take a long time to complete but in the long run, the cost and time spent will be well worth it.

IT is safe to say that many companies who have undergone several rounds of complete audits might start to consider having basic audits done instead but this is a very risky move. This is because there are many aspects of the factory’s manufacturing that are not observed when basic audits are being performed and it is very easy for problems to arise from these areas.

  • Confirming the authenticity of your partners and suppliers

Factory audits should also concern the company’s various partners and resellers because they are the ambassadors of the brand when the distributors carry the company’s products. By working with non-licensed businesses, the company can land in a lot of legal complications if the authorities find out about this so that’s why one of the most valuable audits to have are business license checks.

These checks help to ensure that the resellers and distributors of the company are operating well within legal boundaries and that they are licensed to operate. This is a great way to maintain your company’s image by ensuring that all of your suppliers and distributors are trustworthy.

  • Considering anti-terrorism audits

The rise of terrorist activity has caused many new procedures and rules to be created and implemented across the world that affects individuals and organizations alike. That is why anti-terrorism audits are fast becoming one of the most popular factory audits out there as it helps when the company is cleared of any terrorist threats.

Not only does this ensure the company’s clients that they are working with a good entity, by undergoing this audit regularly, it can help to prevent any delays especially when shipping to the United States. These audits are all very important when it comes to ensuring that the particular company is operating according to industry regulations and that they are following all rules exactly as they were meant to.