Why It’s Important To Trim Your Trees

If there is anything that makes a yard look even more beautiful, it’s a tree. Whether it’s a majestic oak or a smaller dogwood, there’s no doubt trees have much to offer when it comes to a yard’s landscaping. However, as with most other areas of yard and home maintenance, the trees will need to be trimmed from time to time. While most people may think tree trimming is done simply for aesthetic purposes only, the fact is trimming is also important for a variety of other reasons as well.

Treating Diseases

Since most trees can be very susceptible to diseases or damage from pests, it’s important to keep them properly pruned in order to lessen the chances of this happening. For example, dogwoods can be prone to damage caused by the dogwood borer, which damages the vascular system of the tree by boring into the trunk. Therefore, dogwoods should never be trimmed in April or May.


Perhaps above all, tree trimming is done most often to keep property safe. During a period of high wind or severe storms, dead branches may fall out of a tree, damaging homes or vehicles. In addition to these circumstances, dead branches may hang too far over a home’s roof or become entangled in power lines, which can cause power outages.

One important point to remember is that even during good weather, these branches are still prone to falling and causing damage. For trees that have been left alone for many years and have become overgrown, these hazards can become even more important. If a large tree is located near a home and is too close for comfort, it should be cut down as soon as possible.

Pruning of trees with secateurs in the garden

Yard Beautification

Along with the concerns about safety and disease, tree trimming is important when it comes to beautifying one’s yard. Whether it’s removing dead limbs or removing parts of a tree that may be growing at a faster rate than other sections, the tree is essentially being given a new haircut. By changing the shape of the tree, it’s possible to give the tree and yard itself an entirely new aesthetic appeal. For trees that have been planted simply to add to a yard’s beauty, regular trimming can make all the difference.

Make a Stronger Tree

Believe it or not, trimming a tree can actually make it stronger. By removing any parts that are dead or diseased, the tree is made stronger and much healthier. This is due to the tree being able to develop a stronger core structure, making it much better suited to withstand the elements due to having a better root system.

Increased Fruit Production

For fruit-bearing trees, regular trimming offers a number of advantages. Perhaps the most important of these is the growth of spurs, which helps to produce increased amounts of fruit the following season. By having a healthier tree that is free of disease and dead branches, fruit production often expands at a very rapid pace.

By making regular trimming part of overall home landscaping maintenance, it’s possible to have a yard that is full of healthy, vibrant trees. Whether it’s trimming a Maple, Oak, or Dogwood, using regular pruning techniques can not only improve the looks of a yard, but also make sure people and property stay safe.

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