Why Do Gamers Enjoy Escape Rooms?

Ever since the 1980s when the first escape room was set up in Japan, the enthusiasm to participate in the time bound- survival game has gone through the roof. With apps such as  The Room topping charts in android and iOS stores, the interest among dedicated gamers to come out of their comfort zones and participate in physical puzzle solving challenges.

The human brain is wired to solve problems- blame it on darwinism. It was- and still is- our thing. We figured out how to travel to the moon and back. Heck, we figured out how to can a tuna! We just love to solve problems.

“We just love to solve problems”

So how does an Escape room entice gamers into losing their consoles and voluntarily be locked in a strange room for an hour with random people scampering about turning it upside down?

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1) The adrenaline rush

Over the past few years, escape gaming facilities have cropped out across the planet encouraging adventure seekers and video game enthusiasts alike to  try out their skills in deciphering mysteries in a locked facility with a limited amount of time. The adrenaline rush of running against the clock and uncovering clues is something which you as an adventurer can relish. When the door locks and the timer starts ticking, all the “five” senses are going to snap into action. You couldn’t feel tired even if you tried.

2) Moulds an adventurer out of a couch potato

Solving riddles can be attunes your senses. The joy of figuring out clues  releases dopamine makes you feel good. Locked in the room, you need your wits and social skills to get along with your team to get out of this puzzle. Since video gamers generally resort to being locked in their own world, they will thoroughly have to work with others to win this game.  Such a sense of adventure  will enhance your thinking abilities that your brain will take notes of your environment in rapid-fire fashion.

3) Absolutely no chance of cheating

Once you are locked in the room, you have your wits, humor and patience to rely on.  When your body faces tension, your adrenaline jumps in and you tend to marshall all your physical resources. Your food supply is conserved to divert energy to your brain, pupils dilate to heighten your vision and your muscles amp up to provide that little bit of extra strength to turn the room upside down. In short, you are up on “Turbo mode”. Since the room is generally cleared by the game master prior to letting in the next time, the clues are changed so that you can’t cheat. Nope, your smartphone won’t save you either.

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You won’t be thinking about calling the cable guy to get your television fixed or if you intend to do your laundry on monday. The sole thing etched on your mind would be to get out of the room before the timer rings short. You’ll be surprised about the intense focus you muster to get out of this game and uncover its secrets.

Are you ready to test your concentration and critical problem solving skills?