The Dangerous Uses Of Few Drugs On A Health Risk

Drugs and medicines are being invented for the solution of various kinds of problems and other ailments. But when these medicines cause problems in our life then it becomes very tough to carry out our daily activities.  Such is medicine is the Essure, which is considered t be very useful for the women who don’t want to be pregnant anymore. It is a permanent birth control method. And the most attractive thing is that it does not require any kind of surgeries and laparoscopic means is not required for its placement. Hence, most of the women considered it to be a very useful medicine which can be used by them.

The Dangerous Uses Of Few Drugs On A Health Risk

Alternative way for the surgical solution of birth control

Now this belief was ruptured when multiple problems are arising who ever has used these medicine.  Many women are suffering from unwanted problems that are quite unbearable, and the extreme ones can even have a tendency of suicide in order get relief from the pain. And for all these the Essure lawsuit has been in need among the various clients using these medicines. So it is not at all a problem solver but a problem giver which cause other additional and critical problems to the body of the user.

How does the device work in your body?

Now this drug provides a device which is being inserted into the body through the vagina and is placed near the fallopian tube. Tissues grow around this device and form an obstructing lump which obstructs the sperm in getting contact with the egg. Thus, you prevent the fertilization. But after such an insertion, women started feeling a bad pelvic pain which is hindering the daily activities, severe headache, constant fatigue, weight gain, heavy bleeding. The extreme cases also need to be operated and the need of the removal of the device. And this operation includes a lot of risks than the surgical method of birth control.

Why you must lodge a complaint

Most of the women when complaining about the various side effect, then we are here to help you put to get the compensation from the manufacturer of this medicine. They have not warned the users about its side effects and hence they have all the responsibility to take care of the patients who are suffering from such problems. The Essure lawsuit has been increasing as more and more women are getting affected by the device. Under the pressure of such an increasing complaint, the FDA has also been bound to have a review on the safety o the drug.

What can the lawsuit do

The physical and health loss cannot be managed by any law. Only the cost of the further treatment that is required in order to compensate the various side effects of the device can be compensated. The manufacturer is fully responsible for the cause and hence a law file can bound them to do so. FDA has also announced that a review and evaluation will be done on the use of the Essure and hence until then women are advised not to use them. But if you are the unlucky one to use it then lodge a complaint.