Storage Solutions For Ensuring A Better Organised Office

Whether it is a small office with only a few staff members, or a huge, multi-story office boasting a number of departments, health and safety procedures and projects all going on at once, office organisation is essential in the running of successful office. While a good portion of office organisation is down to the area managers, good storage solutions and a well-thought-out filling system can go a long way in setting down the groundworks.

Storage Solutions for Ensuring a Better Organised Office

Have you ever found yourself stuck on ideas for ways to better organise your office? Read on for our list of storage solutions when you are looking at getting office organisation back on track and back into the green zone!

Fitted Wall Storage – Floor to Ceiling
Make the most out of the walls you have! If you have high ceilings, it is a good idea to use them by instaling fitted wall storage from floor to ceiling. The fitted storage will also help prevent items of stationery from becoming dislodged in the event of any office chaos, and offers a wide array of options for storing supplies, kitchen cutlery, spare envelopes and more.

High Density Filing Cabinets
Make sure you have a place for everything and that everything is in its place. High density filing cabinets make the most out of the space available and can also be sorted into different sections where needs be. If you are pressed for space, this might be the ideal storage solution for your office. They are a staple for any office and have been for a number of years now. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

External Hard Drives
In an office where everything is digital, where and why would you need storage? Unfortunately computers are not endless machines that can be filled and filled with knowledge until the end of time. They, like everything, have a data limit. This is where external hard drives are infinitely useful. They can be used to store back up data or old data which is no longer used yet cannot be eradicated. External hard drives, unlike filing cabinets or reams of paper, can also store a large amount of data in one small physical space, but it is important to be aware of the capacity of each hard drive. Label what each one contains in order to keep your file organisation fresh.

Whether you have a small workforce or a large one, it is important to provide a space where your employees can safely store their belongings. Not everyone has space for a cabinet or set of drawers by their desk, so lockers are a great way of allowing people to keep some personal affects without it taking up too much office space. It also keep the rest of the office looking neat and tidy, as there are no unsightly bags or coats lying about by staff members chairs. Everything is neatly tucked away in one space; the lockers.

If needs be you can also invest in some security lockers so that employees can rest assured in the knowledge that their valuables are not in danger of being pinched by less moral employees. In a smaller business, this is less of an issue but if you work in a larger company with a fast turnaround or a high level of interns or temporary staff, this could become a real issue. It is better to ensure the security of your employee’s belongings by installing keys on the lockers, just to be sure.

Pigeon Hole Units
For smaller companies with no mail room to sort out employee post, it can get a bit hectic. Investing in some pigeon hole units will help prevent that post from piling up in an unsightly way and is also a great way for employees to pass along messages if the email or internet system is down. Not everyone will have a use for pigeon hole units, so make sure you check whether or not it will help your office organisation before you order, but it will certainly help stop the post from just getting dumped on the floor at the office reception area.

Good office organisation goes a long way to helping full on companywide organisation. If your office is well organised, tour employees are well organised, more products are sold, more goals are met and the company does better overall. A poorly organised office increases stress in both employees and managers and makes it harder for things to get done. So don’t delay! Start setting about improving your office organisation with a few of these storage solutions and see what a difference it can make for day-to-day business life.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Kent’s premier office fit out and furniture provider Whiteleys Office Furniture, who were consulted over the information in this post.