Regina Kurrasch- A Visionary In Rheumatology

With the growing age, most of the people begin from suffering with various clinical problems related to joints, soft tissues, and other connective issue disorders. They are mainly diseases of the immune system. These diseases comes under the branch referred as Rheumatology and a specialized medical expert who helps the patients suffering from these chronic illness are called Rheumatologist. An experienced and competent Rheumatologist is not very easy to find. But Regina Kurrasch is one of the very few people who practice this branch and has carved her own niche. With more than 20 years of experience, she had treated successfully countless number of patients suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and other similar diseases.

She practices in California, Maryland and Pennsylvania. In her whole medical practice life, she has always ensured that every person walks out from her chamber by getting completely cured. Not only that, she has also taken pioneering steps in the medicinal field which ensures all the people suffering from these chronic diseases to reduce their pain and agony.

She does not confined herself in just treating the people who are suffering from these diseases but she has also taken pioneering steps in the field of pharmaceutical and overall betterment of treatment to provide comprehensive solutions to the patients. The main objective for these steps is to control the growth of these diseases and contain their spreading. According to the research, nowadays,people have become prone to rheumatoid arthritis due to various reasons. Some of the factors which increases the chances of these diseases are smoking, obesity, environmental exposures, family history and even age. Accordingly, proper awareness among the people is necessary so that they can lead a healthy life avoiding all these complications. Regina Kurrasch works to increase this awareness among the people.

She is working with different organizations and competent researchers to discover new therapies using the latest technology which would help the people to get well in quick time. She is associated with one of the most prominent companies GlaxoSmithKline as a group director where she and her team uses all their expertise in the creation of all dedicated treatment procedures and medicines to cure the autoimmune diseases. Apart from these professional obligations, she loves bicycling. A member of two most prominent bicyclist’s associations, she regularly takes up cycling as a source of refreshment. She also uses this cycling to aware the people and educate them how regular cycling can help to avoid or minimize the effect of these chronic diseases that usually attack the various joints of the body.

Since, she had secured medical degree from the State University of New York, she worked with this objective. People who are suffering from these diseases not only require the best medical facilities but they also need a compassionate friend. All the people who have came in touch with Dr. Regina Kurrasch have told that they have received the same caring behavior which gave them the confidence of getting well and fit. The trouble of rheumatism and arthritis will receive the best treatment from her.