Neutral Table: A Great Thought from ITIC To Fortify and Standardize The Global Economy

Right from its inception, The International Tax and Investment Center has initiated its dedicated enterprise and worked in conjunction with a series of countries to produce more consistent, pragmatic and globally-friendly open trade policies through research, education and execution workshops. The autonomous body ITIC, with its headquarter in Washington, District of Colorado is a specialist company that offers across-the-board solutions including research, counseling and education to its member countries in connection with Tax Reformation Policies, Free Trade Procedures and Fair Trade guidelines.

Founded in early 90s, the American advisory enterprise is focused on study oriented outcomes on the basis of the inputs received including existing tax rules & structure, excise-duties and related trade policies that influence their inland and overseas business. In order to continue developing in the globalized business economy it’s significant to formulate tax policies that fit with the international standard. The basic idea is exploring new market possibilities, investment welcoming business settings and encouraging open & fair trade which are intimately boned with the well-being of developing economy or its transitional stage.

The major American NGO offers its advisory and educational services to its clients through 12 chief offices, regional headquarters located in the metro cities and also by its associates spread all through the globe. All ITIC offices are outfitted with experts from manifold industries and the pool includes researchers, economists, education specialists, analysts as well as consultants other than its dedicated workforce. Currently, its offices can be found in Indonesia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Russia, the US, Brazil, the UK, Brazil, UAE, and Azerbaijan while a few more are coming up. As of day, experts of the International Tax and Investment Center are focused on 85 countries and are extremely on the go to bring forth the most consistent open trade business environment and accelerate the global economy. The regional operating points maintain close synchronization with its main functional points and execute the policies as per guidelines from the key points.

In this colossal project, ITIC is supported by great financial partners like World Bank, WCO, International Monetary Fund, and Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development. The main intention behind this great enterprise of the International Tax and Investment Center is to reinforcing the economical progression rate in non-OECD nations by means of guidance, policy reformation and education. To undertake its endeavor efficiently, the community has produced the pioneering concept a decision making platform ‘NEUTRAL TABLE’ and welcomes nationals worldwide to encourage them in the project. In this unique dais, both governing bodies as well as business enterprises will be sharing their practical problems, possibilities and the way outs.

This should be aimed to reformation of tax structures, levies and allied policies based on which nations can maximize the advantages of open trade and global economy. Neutral Table is designed to offer win-win solutions and that is now a proven fact after implementation of its deliverables in numerous countries spread over Asia, Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Whereas the community is very much optimistic of its Triangular Decision Table, the republican leaders and big economists from different countries have greeted the community for their outstanding thoughts.

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