Most Important PPE In Construction

If you work in construction you will be exposed to a large number of hazards on a daily basis. That means that it is essential that you wear the right personal protection equipment (PPE). Here are the most important pieces of protective gear you should have for work on every construction site.

Hi vis clothing

Hi vis clothing is absolutely vital anywhere there are large vehicles moving in close proximity to workers. Hi vis clothing makes it easy for you to be seen by drivers so that they can avoid you. Unfortunately many workers on construction sites are often seen operating without hi vis clothing which can put them at risk. If you work in construction you should ensure that your employer has provided you with adequate hi vis vests or jackets – it is a legal requirement.

Safety First On Business Card

Hard hat

On almost any construction site there is always going to be a risk from falling objects – that’s why a hard hat can be a lifesaver. The worst thing about falling objects, unlike many hazards found in construction, is that you can’t see them coming, so it’s almost impossible to avoid them if you are unlucky enough to be in their path. Any time that you are working with scaffolding or have any sort of work going on above your head height you should be wearing a safety helmet. You should also make sure it fits appropriate to give you the best possible protection.

Safety boots

Perhaps the most important and most necessary piece of PPE is the safety boot. Having appropriate footwear not only makes it safe for you to be able to move around on a construction site, it can also protect you from a wide range of hazards. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can leave you open to slips, punctures, chemical spills and heavy objects being dropped. Make sure you buy a strong safety boot with a steel toe cap, anti-slip soles and a steel midsole to give you the best possible protection.

Eye protection

Construction sites can be a very hazardous environment for your eyes. With everything from dust and debris to potential chemical splashes, you need to be adequately protected. It is important for you to wear appropriate safety goggles to keep your eyes safe. It also goes without saying that it you are working with molten metal you will need a face shield.


It is enormously common for construction workers to suffer injuries to their hands. Because this is the case you need to wear appropriate gloves while you are on site. Good gloves will protect you from extreme temperatures as well as cuts, chemicals and electric shocks. They also keep the skin on your hands from being rubbed down which can be painful in the short term but also hazardous to your health over time. Make sure you have gloves that are relevant to the kind of work you are carrying out to keep you protected as best possible.

Knee pads

Another piece of PPE you might not have considered, knee pads can be vital. Aside from protecting your joints, knee pads can keep you safe from abrasive substances on the floor. If you feel it is important to your safety then you should talk to your boss about potentially providing you with knee pads so you can carry out work properly.

Ear defenders

You can be exposed to very high levels of sound for very long periods on a construction site. This might not seem like much of an issue but over a long time without protection you can start to develop hearing problems. You should have at the very least earplugs but it’s even to have a pair of ear defenders or earmuffs.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with JP Supplies; South East England’s premier cleaning products and PPE supplier.