How To Print Cheap eBay Integrated Labels?

Integrated labels are actually one or more sticky labels that are inserted in an A4 sheet of paper. It is used pretty widely for printing picking slips or shipping labels and invoices in just one go.


There are many sellers who sell cheap integrated labels. However, not all of them are trusted sources. Thus, before ordering, you need to compare the prices that have been quoted by various sellers. Not only this, you will have to check on the quality of the label that you will purchase. This implies that you have to consider the thickness of the paper, the quality of the adhesive that being used at the back of the paper, and the specific size of the labels. These are also the things that might have an effect on the price of the label. eBay uses integrated labels to provide better services to the customers.

There are different types of integrated labels that include a single integrated label and double integrated label. In double integrated label, the second label is used as the return label. As a matter of fact, integrated labels are available in different sizes. This means that you will be able to choose the size that you prefer.

Integrated labels have been designed for e-retailer, e-commerce, and also multichannel distributors. These shipping labels, invoices, the dispatch and the picking note is a single document which is laser guaranteed.

Label Printers and Integrated Labels

You might have a question in mind, as to which is a better option, to purchase a label printer or to get it printed from some place. It actually depends on your preference. Being the owner of the business, you should be able to decide which option will be better for you and the business that you have set up.

The main difference between integrated labels and label printer is that the label has a single purpose which is to print the labels. When you have this option available to you, you will have to buy the labels as well as the label printer that are required for it.

In case, you have a printer in your office or at your home, you will not have to spend extra money to purchase a label printer to get an integrated label. This will enable you to save a considerable amount of money.

How to Print eBay Integrated Labels?

* Log into eBay

* Select the option that says ‘My eBay’ and click on the button labeled ‘Sold’, placed under Selling Manager.

* Select the order for printing the packing slips by choosing the orders that are on the left-hand side. After this click on the dispatch action and print post invoices and labels.

* Click on the ‘Packing Slip’ or ‘Invoice’ and then continue with the printing process.

* The ‘Packing Slips’ or ‘Invoice’ is shown in the browser along with a print dialog.

* Select the printer that is to be used and then clicks on the print option.

Integrated labels are the most popular integrated forms. Integrated labels are popularly used as return labels and integrated dispatch.