How To Buy A Garage Door Opener – Few Helpful Tips

According to the statistics an average garage door opens and shuts about 1500 times in a year. Like every other electronic, garage door also has an expiry date. A normal garage door will give up in about 13,400th operation. It is a known fact that after a while and regular usage, your garage door will need replacement and it is not an unnecessary investment.

How To Buy A Garage Door Opener - Few Helpful Tips

If your garage door opener is damaged and you are looking for a brand new garage door there are few things that you should know and consider. Here are few things you should look for in Chamberlain garage door openers before buying and some tips that will help you to make the choice. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Low noise –

If you have a living space directly above your garage or are very sensitive to loud sound then you must choose a direct driven or a belt driven model for your garage door opener. These models offer quite operation and simple working.

  • Remote controlled –

It is one of the most common problems homeowners face that their garage door responds to all the frequencies around the neighborhood which is nearby. If you are in a populated area, this can be a common and frequent problem. You can choose the dual frequency opener for your garage door. These models can automatically switch between two different frequencies and reduce the confusion amongst different frequencies in your neighborhood.

  • Battery backup –

Having a battery backup in your garage door opener is one of the most important features you must look for in a new one. Even though this is a very rare feature in garage door openers, if you live in an area with frequent power cuts you must look for a model, which has a battery backup option available.

In this model, you garage door opener will work normally with power and you can use the battery backup whenever required. If you do not want to buy a model with a battery backup, you must chose a model which also has manual operation so that when the power goes off you can at least manually open or close the garage door by yourself.

  • Overhead lights –

Usually lights are a standard addition to every model of craftsman garage openers these days. Look for the lights which can be controlled manually for closing and opening the garage door. There is some model, which comes with motion sensors, which means that the lights will automatically turn on when you are present in the room and turn off when there is no activity inside.

  • Internet connectivity –

Today everybody and everything is internet connected these days. Internet connectivity in your garage door opener will help you to know your garage door status (whether it is open or close) anytime you want.

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