Achieve A Chiselled Facial Appearance Today With A Simple Bichectomy Cosmetic Surgery

In your cheeks there are bags or balls of bichat which is a build up of fat deep in your cheeks and it is situated right below your buscinador muscle.


This fat actually gives your cheeks some volume. They are of no consequence if removed as they play no vital function other than filling up your cheeks.

The removal of this accumulated fat can highlight your facial contour and make your face more angular with a chiselled appearance.

Experienced plastic surgeons in Bichectomy will tell you that the removal of Bichat bags will in no way be consequential to you in your old age.

Before the operation pre-operative safety precautions are carried out with the intention of knowing the medical history of the patient as well as developing a health profile.

There will be at least twelve laboratory test carried out all to ensure that the patient is in good medical condition before he or she goes under the knife.

Some of the tests that are carried out in no particular order include the following; cardiovascular review, electrocardiogram, pre-anesthetic evaluation and chest radiography.

The safety of patients is always the priority of the head surgeon and surgery will not be carried out if there are any likely health complications to the patient that may arise as a result of the bichectomy operation.

Bichectomy is a cosmetic surgical operation that lasts for just a quarter of an hour. It involves the use of local anesthesia and a minimal incision of approximately 6mm is done to remove the bichat bags.

This incision is done in the mouth of the patient and usually around the upper part of the last molar, this is to prevent any scarring from being noticeable.

Patient recovery period lasts for about one hour and this procedure is always on an outpatient basis and after the recovery period the patient is free to go home.

At home the recovery period for most patients is just under a week, there will still be some inflammation to the area but this should gradually subside within two to four weeks, after this period of time the results will be quite obvious.

This procedure is pretty simple and a lot of people are very keen on having the bichectomy procedure particularly those into professional modeling, the music and movie industry.

Post-operative care is also very crucial to the success of this procedure. Patients will be told to maintain perfect oral hygiene consisting of strict brushing after any and every meal or snack and using mouthwash as well. Your oral hygiene is important and you should take very good care of it to avoid any failure in the procedure.

Patients will have to prevent any plaque buildup or accumulation of harmful bacteria that may cause an infection through the site of the incision. All things being equal the procedure will leave you with a well chiselled face that is stylish and attractive.

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