A New Era Of Social Networking Is Ahead

The technological advancements in this modern generation are tremendous. Especially the software industry professionals are providing the endless solutions to every work. The work of human is greatly reduced with the help of software and it is majorly help us to accomplish our work very smartly. This is the main reason for the success of the software industry. There are many industry-leading software companies are available all over the world. They are releasing their software products day by day to give competition to their opponents.  When we compare to other fields communication area is majorly focused by them.  This  is  due to the fact that the people  are Increasingly looking  for  the better  option  for  communicating with other people. That  is  why  if you  search  in  the Internet  you  can  find  thousands of  applications  for  communication  purposes.  That may be for texting or to make voice calls or video calls etc.  Though  the apps are  available  for  this kind of  communication  the craze on social  networks  will  never  cease.  Though many companies attempted to create social networking sites only very few of them have gained the attention of the people in this world. This is due the convenience and the flexibility of the site and its application. If the features are liked by the people then automatically it will get success easily among the people and it is started to use by them increasingly.


Till now we are using the social networks that are based on texts with the added features as photography.  Now a new level of social network is going to be experience by us. We the younger generation will always look for the change in everything as we are easily bored with the same technology.  To satisfy our exploring nature a new option is arriving. mango technologies is in the journey of producing a video social network.

Video social network is the next generation network that brings us to the advanced level of communication.  It is going to make a revolution in the social networking system. The name of app that is going to provide such service is mimri.  It is in the development phase and is getting ready to deployment. Hence promotions regarding the advent of mimri are increasingly seen in the internet.  This is the new era and people are going to experience the great features if it.  The techie world is eagerly waiting for the launch of mimri. Since it is totally related to the related to the video networking, the eagerness to know about the features of this new technology has trigged ripples among the people.

In order to make people to know about the launch of the application, an invite can be registered at the official website of mimri. When the app is ready an invite to download will be sent to you the email id or phone number that is provided for registration. So people can download them easily after the launch from the official website.