3 Simple Tips On Land Rover Maintenance You Should Be Aware Of

Land Rovers are perfect for both routine driving and for travelling on rough off road terrain. To get the best driving experience and to avoid untoward mishaps, vehicle owners need to maintain their Land Rovers in good condition. While at the outset Land Rovers may seem a bit expensive on the repairs and maintenance, they are actually reliable vehicles, when you know how to maintain them properly.

Preventative maintenance on the Land Rover LR3 helps in keeping this vehicle in top form.  Whether you own a brand new Land Rover LR3 or a used model, being knowledgeable on the basic in maintenance helps considerably. Since the main purpose of Land Rover is for driving through rugged terrain, keeping it working in good condition will help preventing any mishaps out in the wild.  For best Land Rover L3 parts and other Land Rover requirements, at the best prices, visit BuddsLandRover.com. Here are some basic things to check for in your Land Rover to get the best performance out of your Land Rover LR3.

  1. Oil Change

One of the simplest methods to keep the engine functioning smoothly is to do a regular change of oil. Oil helps in proper lubrication of the gears and other engine parts. When the rover moves, the oil is drawn into the engine and the heat inside makes it to break down. Good oil is clean and brown in appearance, whereas used oil is thick and black to look at. For Land Rovers, the oil change needs to be done every 4,800 kilometers or 3,000 miles. The owner’s manual will, however, give the exact mileage for the model you own.

  1. Filters

The oil and air filters should be clean for proper engine performance. Oil filter increases engine’s lifespan, as it removes the impurities from the oil before it passes into the engine for circulation. It is safe to change the filter, when you do the oil change in your Land Rover LR3.

The air filter helps filter the debris and other particles from the air that is drawn into the vehicle’s engine. Since Land Rovers pass through dusty and dirt filled off road conditions, the air filter is bound to be clogged frequently. This can reduce the engine’s performance and efficiency. Changing the air filter is easy and inexpensive too, as it is made of paper.

  1. Sensor watch

You can find several sensors in your Land Rover LR3. Sensors in Land Rovers help monitor the various components in the vehicle and help you identify any faults minor or major, therefore, the sensors should be watched with care, so all issues are addressed immediately before they blow out of proportion. Some of the problems that sensors alert you to include:

Low fuel

Low tire pressure

Problem with steering wheel and many more

The sensor lights should be checked for proper functioning and changed, if a damaged sensor light is detected.

Other maintenance checks include checking on the heating and air conditioning systems, transmission fluid and checking the wheel alignment and tire pressure. When you know the basic maintenance checks to perform in your Land Rover LR3 or any other mode of Land Rover you have, you can expect the vehicle to give a stellar performance with very little expense on the repairs.