Untold Facts About Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan

Finally, the wait is over. The much awaited movie of Bollywood Badshah is released with a super band amongst his fans. The movie FAN is released in the Indian cinemas on 15th of April. Interestingly, the response which is being collected by the viewers is at the top of all. This movie is being remarked as one of the best homework of actor SRK.


According to the latest Bollywood news, it is being expected that this movie is going to touch the un-touched milestone of 300 crore within its first week.  But do you know that there are many untold stories behind the film FAN? Let’s find out the untold facts about Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN.

  • Because of a knee injury, the releasing of FAN movie was postponed not once, but twice. It was planned to be released in the initial days of 2015, but due to a knee injury and few VFX effects, the movie was once put on hold till mid-2015 and then it was shifted till 2016.
  • Have you seen the official logo of FAN movie? If not, then it’s a must watch part ahead of booking the movie tickets. The logo of this movie is made with the collage, made from the real life fans of SRK. There are total 100 pictures within the logo, which was chosen from a lucky draw.  REALLY IMPRESSIVE!
  • As it is the movie of a diehard fan of SRK, few of the shots were required to be done around the outskirts of Mannat (Shah Rukh Khan’s residence). But due to security reasons, a replica of Mannat was created at the studio. Interestingly, the replica was almost a carbon copy of the actual residence of SRK.
  • Digital 3D scanning was used first ever in any of the Bollywood films. But to perform the acting of his own fan (Gaurav), SRK undergone 3D scanning of his face, for which he headed to US.
  • Doesn’t Gaurav seem to be a fan of SRK, even in terms of his looks? In real life, to act the role of Gaurav, SRK called the Hollywood artist Greg Cannom (three-time Academy Award winner). He is the same person who did the prosthetic makeup of Rishi Kapoor for the movie “Kapoor & Sons”.
  • Mobile Phones were totally banned throughout the shooting. Yes, the producer of the movie doesn’t want to leak the look of SRK anyhow. So, he restricted the use of mobile phones within the shooting range.

In terms of romance, it is the first time that two newcomers, Ileana D’Cruz and Vaani Kapoor will share the screen with SRK. They both will be seen together with the Khan on the same set. So, romance is an add-on to this movie.

As of now, this is the emerging news in latest Bollywood stories but that are many more to come in coming days.  Apart from this, the Sultan teaser as well as Sarabjit teaser is also revealed over the internet. Both these movies are also expected to hit the cinemas with a huge bang.