Things To Know About Forklift Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers

Vehicle mount PCs are an essential part of any machines that includes fork lift trucks or distribution center vehicles. They give the operator ability to see the full screen and it is easier to connect a scanner to the computer.

A fascinating and shared question a lot of people ask is that ‘why not to use a cheap laptop?’ of course, some laptops are quite inexpensive ($450 or less) but these machines aren’t designed to be mounted onto a forklift. Although using a laptop is probably going to cost you weigh less to purchase initially, it is really going to cost you more overall because it has not been designed to take both the abuse and also the constant shock of riding on a forklift throughout the day. It should be noted that the laptop was made as a consumer product, and it is not designed for the tough industrial environments.


The forklift fixed vehicle mount computers can be obtained easily by visiting websites that offer advanced computing such as Citadel Computer. A good forklift vehicle mount computer should possess numerous qualities, some of which include the following:

  1. It must be adequately designed so as to be easily fitted to a forklift.
  1. It must be able to withstand the constant shock and vibration produced by the forklift vehicle. This is very essential because the forklift vehicle is used in a tough industrial environment where things don’t usually go smoothly. It also determines it durability.
  1. Another must have featured for a forklift vehicle mount computer is that it must have very sharp and high-resolution screen which is very easy to view in any of the warehouse environments.
  1. It should also have a reliable battery backup that can power it for a very long time.
  1. Its operating temperature should have a broad range from about – 35 degrees to about +50 degrees Celsius, due to various temperatures when working.
  1. And of course, it should be preloaded with the required software.

Apart from the things listed above, there is also a host of other things to consider for the forklift of your warehouse which also includes:

  1. The exact number of forklifts that you have available.
  1. The kind of brand which these forklifts are also to be determined. Apart from this, you are also to determine if these forklifts are all the same brand or they are from different brands. If they are different, they are to be listed and noted.
  1. Where exactly in your machines will this computer be mounted?
  1. Another important consideration is to determine if the supplier will be the ones to come and install the power cabling. If they aren’t doing so, you have to determine how much it will cost you.
  1. The ergonomics of the forklift drivers will also have to be taken into consideration. That is, do they make use of gloves or not? The things which the drivers carry while in the forklift, the way they are the sitter in the forklift, and also the amount of space available on the forklift dashboard and the space around the area.