The Best Styles of Imitation Indian Jewellery for Every Woman

A perfect look is the balance of the right outfit and well-chosen accessories. Over the years, the demand for designer imitation jewellery has captured the market in a big way, taking over expensive metals like gold and platinum. While gold still remains the best choice for expensive investment, imitation stuff is all about style, elegance and great contemporary ideas. In this special post, we will talk about the ideas that will inspire the modern Indian woman to shop for more.

Oxidized silver jewellery

Silver has always been a frequented choice for jewellery lovers, but oxidized silver jewellery designs for women has a more rustic and contemporary charm, which is hard to ignore. You can create all kinds of looks with earrings, pendants, neckpieces and much more for salwar suits, sarees and Indian ethnic wear. Apart from actual silver, oxidized imitation silver is also a big favourite, often fitting all kinds of budgets.

Kundan jewellery

Kundan is a traditional jewellery style, often created in gold.Thanks to the surging prices of expensive gold jewellery, it is now possible to buy imitation stuff. Handmade artificial jewellery using kundan has an amazing allure, which is kind of unique, and the best thing is the pricing, which is almost one fourth of actual gold jewellery. While you get the best styles and designs in gold too, this is more of an affordable option for fashion loving ladies, who don’t mind trying new things for special occasions.

Pearl jewellery

In recent times, pearl jewellery has emerged to be one of the best picks for traditional and modern looks, and you can find designs to match every occasion. From a simple pendant for your western tops to more elaborate designs for Indian outfits, there are quite a few ideas worth the spend. Designer jewellery collection in pearl can be expensive, but if you check online stores, you can find quite a few cheaper imitation choices with better styles.

Temple jewellery

While temple jewellery collections originated down south India, it is now a special choice for brides in different parts of the country. Temple jewellery boasts of elaborate designs with plenty of similar elements that blend the best of cultural elements into neckpieces. Originally, brides opt for pure gold sets with earrings, ring and a neckpiece, but you can find designer imitation jewellery at varied prices as well. Lighter designs are great for casual traditional events, while heavy bridal jewellery is great for the special day.

Contemporary jewellery

These are the designs that are inspired from the trends of the west. From bands for the head to double earrings, special pendants, modern designer neckpieces and much more, there are choices for everyone. You can find quite a few fun designs, which are easy on the pocket, and this kind of designer jewellery collection is best suited for a number of occasions, including parties and casual outings.

With these ideas, you can start reinventing every single outfit with new jewellery pieces. Start exploring now!