Reality TV Star Caitlyn Jenner Could Be Charged With Misdemeanor Manslaughter

Driving a black Cadillac SUV along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Caitlyn Jenner hit a Lexus from behind. The February 7 accident is said to have forced the Lexus into an oncoming traffic bringing an accident pile up. Kimberley Howe, the 69 year old who was driving the Lexus is said to have died at the scene as another one hit her car. There have been investigations on what could have led to the crash.

Although Jenner was driving at the posted speed limit, reports indicate that the speed was unsafe. The district attorney will be determining if the case can be identified as a misdemeanor violation of an involuntary manslaughter. Det. Richard Curry of Los Angeles County said in a statement on Thursday. Saying that it was a devastating tragedy, the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion who recently transitioned to a woman apologized to those who lost their loved one.


If Jenner who is being sued by the slain’s lady grandchildren and Jessica who is the driver that was in front of Howe’s Lexus is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, he could face a maximum of one year in jail according to a report on  fox news live stream .This is as per a report by Stanley Goldman a Loyola law professor. As the police were investigating the four-car accident caused by the reality television star of ‘I Am Cait’, they found no gross negligence. Another saddening story has been making headlines is of

 Mohammed Allan who is a Palestinian has been in administrative detention in Israeli since the month of November, 2014. According to  baqiworld  is that being in administrative detention means that he has to be in prison without charges for six renewable months. Since Mohammed prefers charges, he decided to go on hunger strike since mid-June and only drunk water. He has been in a medically induced coma at the Barzilai Hospital but on Tuesday his conditioned improved   as he regained consciousness.

The 31 year old lawyer is not the first Palestinian prisoner to go on hunger strike due to the administrative detention since as per the reports is that this has been the norm as hundreds of prisoners are detained. Due to the number of hunger strikes that has taken place over the last few years; the Israeli government has implemented a force-feeding law. This means that if the health of a hunger strike prisoner is in danger, then they will be forced to eat.

When Allan was arrested, he was suspected to have being involved with the militant Islamic Jihad and also terrorism. According to is that he has not been officially given a chance to plead guilty or not guilty as he has never gone on trial or charged. However, his family has denied his involvement. He has said that he wants to be released, charged or even to die rather than stay in jail without knowing his fate. He was fed with salts as well as water and vitamins to try and stabilize his condition after he became unconscious last weekend.