Music PR Advice For Beginners

The best advice relating to music pr that you can give a band is unsurprisingly coming from a marketing and promotions company having run Quite Great Music PR for over twenty years , find a pr team who can deliver you agreed media coverage within a budget that works for you, do not use a button pushing slot machine style site that allows you no interaction with a team of people who are there to work on your behalf. It is amazing how many of these pr type sites have cropped up or one man / woman types sites who claim to be able to do all the things a band have ever desired for next to no investment. If it looks too good to be true then……

By searching on the net you will come across companies like Quite Great who offer an integrated release pattern with all the services you need to target the media for a price that is within reach , you also have great standalone radio pluggers like Scream Media or local radio pluggers like Hart Media who offer one key service. Guys like this have the background and the pedigree, check fully who you are dealing with and also where they have worked previously or just simply how long they have been going, then check you fully understand what you are getting.

It is very hard for specific ‘definites’ in any campaign, I always compare the process to building a house and knowing from years of experience the way the walls are built and the foundations formed but it is almost impossible to know with a first release at least, how the roof will look. Quite Great Music PR set out key aims and agree them with the clients and these are the media areas that make up the roof, whether it be Radio 2, 1Xtra, The Guardian, or Good Morning Britain. All can be attainable over time but it is impossible to know 100% when or if the bigger media outlets will jump on board especially when you are an unsigned act as it is still major labels  that rule the roost with the media, but by picking off key media targets and looking to the long term then the major labels could well come calling.