How To Apartments For Sale In Edinburgh

When it comes to naming the best features and defining aspects of a city, they usually float around a particular narrow field. A quick look at Europe’s map would reveal a few: London is the city that attracts the most tourists in Europe and second in the world after Bangkok; Paris is the city of love; Munich is an empowering automotive hub; Florence and Athens are among world’s leading cultural and historical centres, while Cologne and Venice are famous for their carnivals.

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But what if you were able to combine all these elements together and assign them to a single place without losing any of their relevance? A truly cosmopolitan city with a fantastic diversity in terms of leisure activities, working fields and living places, Edinburgh has something to offer to anybody, regardless of their interest. And crucially, this makes it the perfect city to look out for apartments for sale.

Financial hub

Outside London, Edinburgh has one of the strongest economies in the United Kingdom and is recognised as a competitive city in Britain. The Scottish capital is now prospering thanks to the arrival of new businesses, but it is the banking strength of the city that perhaps underpins its growth most of all. Having already been a banking centre for 300 years, brimming with investment managers and financial institutions, Edinburgh has recently been declared the best large city of the future for foreign direct investment in Europe. In short, the perfect place for any shrewd entrepreneur to buy an apartment – both to live and to own as an investment.

City of Romance

If a romantic break is what you have in mind, there is no need to waste time and money in a long and tiresome attempt to sort out flights and accommodation to somewhere else. There is an air of romance that surrounds the city, with a host of idyllic retreats at your disposal. Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, Camera Obscura, Princes Street and Mary King’s Close are perfect for a jaunt with the one you love. Whatever your idea of a memorable day out with your loved one, Edinburgh provides the best setting for it.

Architectural beauty

Edinburgh is home to some fascinating architectural masterpieces, attracting millions of visitors every year. Pillars, porticos, columns and other monuments draw inspiration from ancient Greece and Rome, creating a unique atmosphere in the city. Charlotte Square is considered a triumph of urban architecture, while the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Scottish Academy, the National Gallery or the Cramond Roman Fort are all in a class of their own when it comes to awe-inspiring buildings. There is no need to travel all the way to the south of Europe to see ruins of ancient Rome when you have them in your home town.

Festival City

In Edinburgh, it can sometimes seem like there is a festival every week. With 12 international festivals and a host of events taking place throughout the year, Edinburgh is almost constantly abuzz with one visiting group or another. The Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Festival, the International Science Festival, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay or the Jazz and Blues Festival are among the world’s leading events, attracting more than 4 million tourists every year.

Culinary Oasis

From Michelin-starred restaurants to family-owned pubs and inns, Edinburgh has something to suit everyone’s menu. You could be enjoying a genuine Italian pizza, dine at a French restaurant or try the traditional haggis. Just go out for a walk and pop in at the first food spot you see and it’s very unlikely that you’ll be disappointed.

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