Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Microfiber Cleaning Clothes

Manufacturers produce microfiber cleaning cloths in varying grades which enhances their suitability to perform different tasks. Most retailers will typically stock at least 3 varieties to best suit their clients’ needs.

Cleaning is a chore most of us love hating, this could explain the innovation in the art of cleaning technologically. The latest microfiber cleaning technology makes life easier. These cloths are more hygienic and eliminate the need for expensive detergents, getting things looking much cleaner in less time.

It’s crucial that you determine what qualities would make a cloth best suited to the tasks for which it’s intended. Thick-pile, loose-woven microfiber cloths are mostly used for heavy duty applications. Medium grade or standard-woven microfiber cloths are applied for standard tasks such as wiping down cars or counters after washing. High grade or finely-woven cloths are used in cleaning mirrored finishes to produce a streak-free shine.

Why a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?

Let’s assume you wish to clean a large, dirty wall as thoroughly and quickly as you can. A toothbrush would take you forever. Most probably, you’d opt for the largest brush with the most bristles.

Let’s scale the problem down now. You want to clean a work-top really well. What would be best to use? Obviously, you wouldn’t make use of a huge cloth or a gigantic brush. However, you can get the same effect by using any cloth which packs more punch into the same area. The ordinary cleaning cloth usually has fibers made of cotton or synthetic materials such as nylon. Such tend to have very big fibers. A microfiber, however, has far more fibers that are even much smaller.

Many hands make work light. Conversely, many microfibers will make your cleaning tasks way easier. Microfibers attach themselves to the smallest, microscopic dust particles; ones that normal cloth fiber crudely brush past. Microfiber cleaning cloths allow for more thorough cleaning.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Microfiber Cleaning Clothes

How Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Work

Chemical Cleaning

When cleaning with water and soap, molecules of the detergent you’re using stick to and break down most of the dirt and grime. On rinsing with a wet cloth, the water molecules glued to the cloth’s fibers stick to the detergent, washing it away with the dirt attached. Compared to microfiber cloths, a normal cloth has very few fibers and barely does a thorough cleaning job.

Mechanical Cleaning

When using a microfiber cloth, we’re relying on millions of more fibers instead of a detergent. The fibers, made of plastic, attach themselves to all dirt specks with van der Waals forces. Multiple fibers deliver powerful, enough forces to dislodge the dirt and carry it away. This leaves the surface entirely dirt-free. This applies the adhesive power of forces in physics.

Uses of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths have a wide range of applications, across numerous industries. Decide what you intend to use the cloth for when determining what type or grade of microfibre cloth to purchase.

Industrial Applications

Industrial cleaning firms make use of microfiber cleaning cloths in dozens of applications due to their superior performance, as compared to paper products or standard fabric rags.

Special microfibre cleaning cloths are manufactured for use in the automotive industry, where individuals deal with various chemicals, greases and oils.

Most hospitals and other patient-care facilities use microfiber cloths as they allow for more deep and easy cleaning without having to use harsh astringents.

Outdoor Use

Microfiber cleaning cloths are used in auto detailing, giving vehicles the best care after washing. They’re preferred to woven rags when cleaning windows

Indoor Use

These cloths are used as ideal replacements for wet and dry Swiffer pads, proving to be conveniently cost-effective for most families in the long run. Loose-weave microfibre cleaning cloths are used to dry hair after showers. They’re used on kitchens with tough stains, grease and oils. They help in catching dust and trapping it more readily, ensuring effective and efficient dusting.

Care for Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This is unbelievably easy, you just have to wash the cloths in warm water when they’re dirty. Tumble dry them on low heat as high heats would melt the fibers together. Also, don’t use fabric softeners that would attach to the microfibres, making them less effective.
Microfiber cleaning cloths are great for use on tough stains and oils.

They help make difficult cleaning jobs impressively easier. However, bear in mind there are different types and grades of microfibre cloth. Seek one that’s best suited to the task that it’s intended for. Microfiber cloths guarantee hygiene and cleanness with nothing but water.

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