Can Chiropractic Help Reduce Or Eliminate Si Joint Syndrome?

Millions of people suffer with lower back pain. Often the diagnosis is SI Joint Syndrome. Anyone who suffers with this condition understands the pain related to not only the lower back, but also pain in the legs and hip. There are ways to help in pain management. Most commonly, there are injections of steroids applied directly to the joint. If hyper-mobility of the joint (meaning the joint moves out of place too freely) is the cause, there are a host of manufacturers producing belts which are designed to help lock the joint in place.

However, in many cases, SI Joint Syndrome is related to the joint being out of place and it is not because the joint moves too freely. Chiropractic treatment is often the best option when hyper mobility is not the cause of pain. Unlike medicines, which often only mask the true root cause of the pain, chiropractors understand the mechanics of the body in a way that differs greatly from medical doctors.

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This knowledge allows the chiropractor to move the person’s body in ways that realigns any misaligned joints. After adjustments, it is critical to follow the advice of applying ice to reduce inflammation which allows the muscles to remain tight and help keep the joints in place. In the case of the SI joint, it often helps to also wear an SI Lock belt after the joint has been set. This, in combination with the ice helps stabilize the joint until healing has occurred.

It is important to understand that the body is designed to work together with itself. When the joints of the body are aligned, the muscles and tendons act as springs, holding the joints in their respective places. However, accidents can happen with even the smallest tasks. A simple lift and twist motion can cause an over extension of joint movement. As with any condition, time is the enemy. The sooner you can get treatment from a chiropractor, the easier the joint will set back in place.


The longer a joint is out of place, the less effectively the muscles and tendons of the body can do their job. If you think of your spine as a pencil, and muscles and tendons as two rubber bands placed in the center of the pencil and being pulled in opposite directions, you’ll have an approximate representation of how these body parts work together. Now imagine that the tension is increased on one of the rubber bands, which is what happens when a joint is over-extended. That added tension is muscle pain, even though the joint is in obvious pain also.

However, in many cases, the muscle creates at least an equal amount of discomfort. If left untreated, one muscle continues to bear more strain, while the other has less involvement. When the joint is set back in place, the muscle healing must take place also. With early treatment, one visit may be all it takes, because the muscle hasn’t had time to adjust to the out of place joint. However, without early treatment, multiple visits may be necessary because the muscle has been trained to pull the joint out of place.

Chiropractic treatment is the key to actual healing of the body’s joints. You wouldn’t seek out a chiropractor for an infection in your intestines. Perhaps you shouldn’t seek out an MD for a misaligned joint pain. Chiropractors can not only adjust the body to correct alignment, but they can also recommend exercises and stretches to keep the body in alignment and keep all joints, muscles and tendons working together for a happy, healthy and pain-free you.

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