Best Camping Sites In Suffolk

No area in the UK offers numerous options for camping like Suffolk. The landscape paints a picture of a merger between the northern wetlands, the clean sandy beaches and coastline of the east. It captures the footpaths and cycle trails crisscrossing the lush countryside in the west. To the south, you see a picturesque wool town and at night, you can gaze upward at the brightness of the night stars. All this, make Suffolk an ideal place for camping.


Here are selected campsites for you to consider.

Swattesfield, Thornham Magna, Suffolk

A seven-acre campsite with two grassy fields and separated by a lake; situated in the deep wilds of north Suffolk. The lake has adjoining woodlands that you can spend time exploring. If exploring woods are not your forte, then take a stroll across the perfectly marked paths and bridleways that distinguish the nearby Thornham Walks. The recently restored Walled Garden on the estate is worth exploring when it’s open during the weekend.

On the opposite sides of the lake are ideal spots for either camping or glamping. You can raise a tent on the spacious bottom field filled with green and peppered daisies or deep in the woodlands for privacy. The tent dwellers can maintain old camping traditions like eating marshmallows around a fire pit.

Happy Days Retro Vacations, Saxmundham, Suffolk

Located on the peaceful outskirts of Saxmundham, this newly acquired camping spot have enough room for the signature seven trailers for camping. There is additional room for four tents and space for retro campers like the VW camper.

The airstream caravans are 4/5 in berths and decorated in 70’s retro colours. The interior is fitted with original veneer wood and furnished with crochet blankets, kitsch cushions and quaint cushions. Fairy lights, bunting and old-school radio put together with other little details give the place an authentic atmosphere.

There is an open children playground with swings, a slide, a giant trampoline and an ingeniously converted polytunnel which doubly serves as a social space and a refuge from the intolerable British weather. At the centre of the playground is a 1950’ French army truck that even the adults will appreciate.

You can have dinner fresco style on a picnic table with the meal cooked on a gas cooker. You know you are in an enchanting place when the fairy lights twinkle overhead and the sun throws a farewell light across the opposite hedgerows.

Cliff House Holiday Park, Suffolk

This 30-acre woodland camping site is within walking distance from the Walberswick and Southwold beaches. You can also access the stony beach of Dunwich Heath which is a walk away from the Coastal Centre. The Centre provides a chance for spotting seals and porpoise. The Minsmere bird reserve organizes special events like bird watching safaris and attempts at building a nest box.

The combined effect of woodland camping, wildlife exploration and beach access is a treasure for you to discover. The modern facilities do not spoil the camping experience, but rather offers a universal welcome for caravan owners and campers. You walk or ride your bicycle along the beachside during the day and dream away in the woods during the night.

The first two campsites offer you the best experience of vintage camping whilst the last site adds a modern feel to the camping thrill. As always, the camp experience begins with a cruise in a vintage camp mobile, for example, the VW camper. So buy one or hire one from