Augment Your Income With Good Reseller Hosting Packages

Reseller hosting is a plan that enables an account holder to sell web hosting services to its own clients under its own brand name. Web hosting products that are sold to third party account holders could include virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting or shared web hosting services. The primary account holder splits the bandwidth, memory, CPU and other resources that are allocated to him with the secondary account holder. In other words, a reseller acts as an intermediary between the web hosting service firm and third party account holders.


Whether you plan to start your hosting company, or are just looking for a big site that can handle your large and diverse needs, a variety of reseller hosting packages on offer by quality service providers can take good care of your needs.

Reseller web server- what is it actually?

Reseller server hosting is a form of web hosting business model in which a web hosting firm allows its clients to utilize its hosting features to host third party websites without having to invest in its own web server and related infrastructure. The client uses his own share of bandwidth, storage space, memory, and RAM among other computational resources to host websites on behalf of third parties.

The client or the reseller purchases the web hosting services of the web hosting firm and then sells it to a third party under his own brand name. The primary hosting service provider under most circumstances offers its client some authority over the control panel to effectively manage the resources they have leased out to their own clients. Also, the responsibility of maintaining network infrastructure and hardware lies with the service provider. Often a well-established service provider will offer both Windows based and Linux based reseller hosting services, thus allowing you to choose one that most specifically meets your needs and requirements.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some important benefits and features of reseller hosting, and the importance of choosing the right reseller hosting packages to make some good money. Depending upon your need, you can either choose a one-time reseller package or opt for packages that require you to pay money to the primary service provider for every new client that you acquire.

Good business development model

You can get a good reseller hosting package from a quality service provider at fairly affordable prices. Well-established firms keep coming up with attractive plans to help their primary customers avail of various reselling benefits. Most service providers offer their clients tool that are important to flawlessly carry out their reselling business.

Good branding tools– Reseller server hosting serves as an important branding tool. You enjoy the ability to brand your own web hosting company with the parent hosting company invisible to your client. In other words, the space that the primary host provides to you can be packaged, rebranded, and sold under your own brand name to your clients.