A Primer On Preparing For Your JEE Exam

Do you desire to be in the shoes of  a computer engineer?  Do you dream of working in Microsoft? If yes, then the journey towards your goal is going to be a difficult one. JEE( Joint Entrance Exam) a common aptitude test conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination), based on NCERT syllabus prescribed for 11th and 10th standard is the first step for marching towards your aim.

A Primer on Preparing for Your JEE Exam

This entrance exam decides the fate of all the students who aspire to be engineers. Clearing JEE and securing good rank makes your claim for seats in colleges with good (National Institute of Technology) NIT rankings and other top private engineering colleges in india. But, it’s not an easy task, as JEE is considered the toughest and one of the most critical exam among all the competitive exams all over the world also you can JEE main results.

Why the difficulty tag is always associated with JEE?

It is considered difficult and tough primarily due to its selectivity. The acceptance ratio in IIT, private colleges or NITs in India is really poor. The number of students who appear for this exam has been increasing with every year, but the seats remain limited. The other aspects responsible for the hardness of this exam are as follows:

  • The syllabus comprising of Mathematics, physics and chemistry is extremely vast.
  • Various seats in the NIT colleges in India are reserved against many categories, which makes it extremely difficult for general category student to get a seat.
  • The exam paper has 180 questions to be finished in mere 90 minutes. It’s a big challenge for all the students.

The stepping stone in the preparation of JEE?

If you want to clear JEE on the first attempt, you will have to dedicate yourself to its preparation. Many students who are unable to crack on their first chance try repeatedly for chasing their dream of becoming an engineer by getting themselves admitted among the top NIT in india as well as other private colleges.

There are several tips through which this toughest exam can be tackled. They are mentioned below for your reference:

  • The first step is getting yourself a mentor or a good coaching institute who will help you with your preparation all the time.
  • Mental preparation is a vital point to be kept in mind. You have to be confident and self motivated as no matter what comes your way you will crack the exam with flying colors.
  • Create a routine and jot down the to-do-list for everyday. A time table is very much crucial as it will distribute the time you want to allot for each subject properly.
  • Understanding the basic concept of the subjects will hold the key of your success. If the basic is clear, you will always be confident.
  • Time management ability acquired through speed and accuracy is extremely important. Practice extensively with the help of mental calculation and never with the help of calculator. Try an use the shortest possible steps in solving mathematical problems for saving time.
  • Appear for mock tests or solve previous year’s question papers, this will be help you in having an idea as how the actual exam would give you the feel. As much as you solve them, it will increase your confidence level and polish your performing ability.
  • You have to choose the right type of questions, while appearing for mock test try and solve questions which are your forte first. As if you can finish easy and semi hard questions quickly, it will save you the time for revision later.
  • Do not dedicate the whole day in preparation, instead take short breaks, chat with your family members, go for a walk in the park with your friends. As we all know “all work and no play, make Jack a dull boy’.
  • Sleep properly, eat healthy and exercise regularly for always keeping fit. Always remember a fit body can only withstand this extensive preparation.


The above points discussed, if followed religiously will give you a perfect start or will be a primer on preparing for your JEE exam. Wish you all the luck for coming out shining by cracking JEE and for becoming a future engineer.