Why Art Is Important In Education

When most people think about art, their minds immediately go to things like sketching and pottery. However, there is far more to art than just the fine arts that you’d see in an art gallery – like Park West Gallery – that most people equate with that word. Art does some pretty amazing things in the world.


If you take a moment to look around you, you will see all of the areas in which art affects your life. An artist created the electronics that you use in your daily life. An artist created the desk you are working at and the chair that you are sitting in. Art, basically, makes the world go round.

It Creates Imagination

Art is a great way to create imagination. Whether you are sketching a fantastical world to use in a book or as the basis of a movie, or you are designing the schematic for a playhouse for children, all of this incorporate art. Imagination can create anything, art is where imagination comes out of the mind and becomes something.

Don’t force your children to keep their imagination inside their heads. Give them the tools they need to be creative. Art supplies make great gifts.

It Leads To Invention

If it were not for the creative imaginations of people, nothing new would ever be created or invented. Think of the invention of the 3D machine, which is a piece of art itself, but one that also allows people using it to create art of their own. Art doesn’t have to be the specific use of making something with your hands.

Have you ever thought of something that would make your life easier? You are creating art in your mind, by making sure that art is a part of education you are ensuring children of all ages, for years to come, will keep inventing and creating.

It Is Fun

Kids simply have fun in art classes, so making sure that they are something that remains available in school is important. Some people think that amount of fun is one of the reasons that art isn’t important. However, honing the creativity of the mind from a young age is extremely important.

Without creative children there would be no more books to read, no more art to hang on the walls, and no new colors to paint those walls. Things would really begin to get dull and boring, with all the same color carpets and clothes, with no designs or creativity.

You shouldn’t just rely on the school to teach your children about art though. Make sure they are getting time to be artistic at home, whether they are drawing pictures, crafting things, or simply building something out of what appeared to be nothing.