What Effective Digital Marketers Really Do

There are some brilliantly skilled digital marketers out there who seem to be on top of everything – successfully performing their tasks and hitting their KPIs before deadline. Some even have their own side projects, manage a blog, boast thousands of Twitter followers and are also well connected on LinkedIn.

It is time we learn a few tricks from these crafty masterminds in the digital arena. Here are the top habits of successful digital marketers from ISK Pro Tech who seem to be doing all things right.

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Make a Strategy

A plan chalked out in advance can steer digital marketers in the correct direction and help them accomplish their digital marketing goals. We never underestimate the power of planning, organizing and budgeting. Use an extensive content calendar to decide topics, quantities, location and frequencies of your posts.

Analyze and Reiterate

Assessing your path and reporting the performance of your campaigns at regular intervals allows you to check what’s working in favor of your account and what’s not. Eliminate unproductive practices and invest your time and energy elsewhere like lead generation at a low cost.

Use Appropriate Tools

We save our sanity by deploying the right tools and software. Digital marketing tools such as Sniply helps you raise traffic on your website and boost the conversion rate. Similarly, Basecamp and Asana help you arrange and manage your personal as well as group projects.

Self Motivate

Digital marketing is an industry that requires self motivators who are inspired enough to go an extral mile and can carve their own path. Employers love ‘leaders’ and ‘self starters,’ so go on and do what you love doing and delegate. It is important to own your role and show initiative by practicing problem solving and bringing new ideas to the table.

These are the qualities and habits of successful digital marketers. How many of them do you follow?


In an age where digital marketing is the hub for everything from learning and entertainment to shopping and networking, there are new digital marketers entering the industry every day. How would you manage to drive results? How would you stand out?

concocting new ideas to achieve objectives. If you’re going for an interview you must show that you are self motivated enough to thrive in your new digital marketing role. You can do so through noting previous successes that required quick thinking and action on your part – have you ever come up with an idea that made your company money, for example? Flesh out your personal success stories and practice them backwards so that you can appeal to the digital marketing heart of your interviewer.

Seek Help

No digital marketer is an island – the best digital marketers aren’t afraid to ask for help. Although self motivation is integral to their career, they acknowledge the importance of teams, tribes and networks. Super effective digital marketers have built a strong understanding of the entire digital marketing landscape and what it entails to run successful campaigns. However, they are also specialists in specific areas and recognise the benefits of working with other specialists (those with different skillsets) to achieve their objectives.

They seek out the help and support of mentors – they ask questions, welcome feedback and take notes. On Twitter they reach out to influencers to ask for advice, to get quotes for articles and to receive help sharing their content. At events they shake hands, listen intently, offer help and ensure they speak to the right people.

Switch off

Highly effective digital marketers don’t risk burnout, anxiety and insomnia. They have recognized the importance of switching off. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of content published – you’ll never get a chance to read them all so why even try? Arriana Huffingon, founder of Huffington Post is an advocate of taking well timed breaks from technology.

She suggests meditation, mindfulness and switching off your phone at dinner and during holidays to help you relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. And let’s face it – switching off at night will help you awake refreshed, rearing to go and craving your next epic Tweet.