Useful Tips To Guide You While Buying Business Conference Phone

Business is no longer confined to a limited working space called the office. Nowadays, we have a global workplace and have partners and clients from different parts of the world. Thus, it is hard to manage face to face meetings. In such scenario, conference calls and email chains have been our saviour for effective communication.

Technology has altered the ways of doing business in today’s context. Cell phones, computers, the internet, email, conference call, webcasting platforms, etc. has changed the scenario of our working environment.

One such invention is business conference phones. They are critical for smooth operation of any business as they are widely used to communicate with partners, clients, vendors, customers and employees.

There are multiple conference phone devices available in the market. You should choose the right device for your workplace based on your requirement. The one that is highly recommended and has all the features necessary for any type of business houses is Polycom IP7000. It is the most advanced conference phone that delivers outstanding performance.

However, it is best to do some homework before deciding which conference phone is right for your office. The following tips could be helpful to you.

Select a phone which is fully featured

It is advisable to check all the features of a phone device and compare it with other brands and models. The main features that the system must offer are:

  • Traditional phone features like mute, redial, transfer and hold.
  • Switching off unwanted pickup that eliminates sounds coming from the microphone that is not in use.
  • Directional microphones to eliminate noise and echo from the room.
  • Full-Duplex technology that allows a user to speak simultaneously without dropouts.
  • Versatile interconnection abilities that allow external microphones, extended microphones, projectors and speakers to be installed in the room.
  • Wireless phone that is easily movable.

Select a phone system suited for the room

It is important to select the right phone system that is suited to your workplace. If you have a small office then you can choose phone system with microphone providing less coverage. Similarly, for big conference rooms and board rooms, you should choose phone system accordingly with directional microphone having more coverage and extendable features.

Select a phone that includes VoIP, Internet functionality, and Blue Tooth Connectivity

As internet facilities are available everywhere, it is important to select phone system that includes (VoIP) to make calls over the internet instead of the landline and cell phones. It is very cost effective. Similarly, phone with blue tooth connectivity allows participants to share and access data during a conference call.

Purchase Interference- Resistance Phone

Mobile phones and wireless devices like printers create a background noise. Thus, we should select a phone that is resistant to electrical and radio interference.

Buying Conference Phone System from Online Sites

Many online sites provide different brands and models of conference phone along with accessories. Online shopping is usually cheaper than the retail purchase. Thus, you can simply type “conference phone” in any search engine and select the one that you need and place an order for delivery.

Conference calls are required for information sharing, relationship building and analyst briefing to multiple receivers at the same time. You should select the correct device for your place of work

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