Note 7 – A New Pack Of Features

Note 7 is a product of Samsung which is going to be released in around the mid of September 2017. Even before five to six months of its release, note 7 has been so popularized in the market and people seems to be exciting everywhere and waiting to buy it, to have the taste of all the seamless features of the device.

The note 7 has many additional features with the top class features of note 5 and note 6. It is more durable, secure and faster and creates much better experience for a user. It fits well for business purpose as well as a personal use handset and supports multi tasking facilities.

This Samsung model is made up of metal alloy which makes the phone very light and durable. The larger 4200 mAh battery is supposed to increase the life of battery and constant power supply will be provided for four to five days without charging. Additional feature of wireless charging is present in it which is believed to charge the battery from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes. So if you are traveller and always need to move on roads, note 7 is a perfect choice.

Although the note 7 possesses so many attractive and brilliant features, it is being said that Samsung is going to keep the price to be very competitive. Despite being bigger, faster, and boast a new set of features, the prices will be much less than expected. Especially on the day of its launch, note 7 will be seen with an exciting price rate.

If you want to get the benefits of the note 7 pre ordering is must because it just takes a few minutes for the new release to get sold out and so if you want to get the charm of the product soon the go for pre ordering. Otherwise, you will be facing many delays to get the product at the right time. Galaxy S8 and Note 6 is the next big release.