Keep These Points In Mind When Moving Abroad

If you are considering moving abroad, you’ll be making one of the most significant transitions of your life. Moving beyond our nation’s borders means that life as you know it will change. To that end we’ll explore several points you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re serious about moving abroad.

Keep These Points In Mind When Moving Abroad

1. Very little of what you own will go with you. Let’s face it: you won’t be moving your china cabinet or your chiffonier when you make your move. These items are simply too heavy and expensive to move. Besides, such furnishings are usually too large for apartments and homes in many locations, especially in European cities. Plan to either sell or store what you own. Consider the latter if your relocation abroad will be a temporary one.

2. Not all countries will accept your pets. Making a move with pets is possible when transitioning domestically. It becomes much more complicated when you want to enter another country. In some countries, a pet is allowed, but only after completing a lengthy and costly quarantine. Is this something you want to put your pet through? Quite frankly, it may be better to re home your pets instead of putting them through a difficult transition. Helping your children understand this concept may be the biggest challenge of your move, especially if they’re especially attached to their pets.

3. Consider the standard of living. Depending where you live, your standard of living may be at, above, or below what you’re accustomed to. Is it important to maintain your standard of living wherever you go? If so, living in Brussels, Tokyo, or Toronto may make it more difficult for you to keep your standard up. On the other hand, a move to Brasilia, Nairobi, or to Ho Chi Minh City may allow you to raise that standard.

4. The cost of living may surprise you. Similar to the standard of living is the cost of living. Just how far will your money go? For instance, you may discover that an apartment in Paris costs the same as one in New York. But if you live in small-town USA, the higher cost of living in Europe may shock you. On the other hand, if your move takes you to Central America, to much of Africa, or to Vietnam, your dollar may go much further.

5. Exchange rates may floor you. How far will your money go? Much may depend on FOREX or foreign exchange rates. Exchange rates change frequently and can make it difficult for Americans as they live abroad. Much may depend on how you’re paid: in American or local currency. Consider the impact that FOREX can have on you if you plan to live abroad. Your accountant can help you here.

6. How will you get around? Transportation in the major cities of the world is typically accomplished through mass transit: subways, trains, and buses, for example. Getting around the city you plan to live in will likely be accomplished that way. If you plan to live further out, you’ll need a car. Instead of shipping your car to another country, it may be more cost effective to buy one locally and drive it there. Consider the cost of buying, insurance, taxes, and maintenance. The cost of vehicle ownership may be prohibitive in certain locales and entirely cost effective elsewhere.

International Living and You

Making a move abroad means much work on your part. Fortunately, your familiar Allied Moving company can advise you on how to send abroad what you will be bringing with you.

Make your move in confidence and you’ll open a new chapter in your life, one filled with change and new experiences. It’s a chapter some people are slow to turn, but for the adventurous it can be an entirely rewarding one.