How To Treat Your Pet With Feline Lower Urinary Tract Infection?

Having a pet at home might be frustrating at times, because some of their abnormal behavior signifying improper physical condition means you need to carry them up to a veterinary center for complete checkup. And one common condition that is often found with the cats is when they keep urinating frequently. This is an intimation to the fact that the cat is affected with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. It is really frustrating since it is not easy to identify that the cat is affected with such an infection and finding natural remedies is really tough. To help the people out, the specialists at have showed some of the common signs and some natural remedies which can actually help in solving the problem.


Often one might find their cats constantly licking their genitals throughout the day. Such an act is often followed by them not urinating in the litter box since they keep finding cooler and smoother surface like a tile floor or a bath tub for doing so. These are some of the common symptoms which might define that the cat is having lower urinary tract disease. Often there are moaning sounds while they urinate, which is indicative of their pain in the bladder. As a result of it, whenever you pull them to urinate they might look for fleeing away. Do not consider it to be their mischievousness, he/she is actually afraid of the pain that they’ll be facing and so they prefer not doing it.

The disease goes by multiple names, one such name being idiopathic, because one really doesn’t know the reason behind it. The bladder is inflammated with a thick lining resulting in the blood in the urine. Some of the reasons are related to the diet of the cats which causes viral infection in the bladder. The immune system results in over reacting which affects the lining of the bladder. Even there are some stress issues as said by the experts at like another cat not letting it go out, which even has some effect and accounts to almost 3% of all the feline urinary tract disease.

While the cats strain to urinate, it is always imperative of the fact that it needs to be examined immediately. There are high chances where stones tend to block the urinary bladder and calls for an emergency service. Additional fluid is the first basic treatment that can be started at home itself, which prevents the inflammation of the urinary bladder. This is best implemented when carried out with the help of the high protein canned cat food with multiple sources of fresh water. The cats have a tendency of less incidences of urinary disease if they remain happy for the entire stretch of the day time. So the use of specific natural hormones turn out to be beneficial. The facial gland known as Pheromones actually convey the messages of peace and contentment and Feliway is one such product which contains these Pheromones. If it is sprayed daily for at least twice a day and  continued for 3 to 4 weeks at a stretch, there can be high chances of positive results.

The causes of urinary bladder inflammation is varied and knowing the right symptoms is quintessential for the well being of your pet cat. Know them and make sure your pet doesn’t go ignored.