Everything You Need To Know When Buying Cordless Power Tools

There are many types of Power tools at your local hardware store, and when you are just starting out your collection, it’s tempting to just purchase the most popular brand or model. If you’re purchasing Makita Tools or Dewalt Tools, you’re in luck because these are the two most trusted brands in the industry. However, you may want to do more research just to make sure you are not wasting your hard earned money on something too fancy.

Determine your need. These tools come in all shapes and sizes. You need to determine what kind of tools you really need. Will you be using this every weekend, or are you just keeping the tool there for a specific project, only to be picked up again when the need arises? Unless you are a professional, you probably need only a small power tool with 18 voltz of power. These don’t cost too much, and you can purchase them at $99 to $200, depending on the make. If you will be using it on a professional basis, you might want to check out the heavy duty models which are bigger and costlier but worth it because of their strength and power.

Know the difference between batteries. Brands like Makita Tools come with two kinds of batteries: NiCad or Li-Ion. NiCad is by far cheaper although they could last for only a couple of hours. You can always purchase another set of batteries for your NiCad tools and thy probably will still cost less. Power drills and saws with NiCad batteries are also heavier so there is bound to be a difference in the ease of handling. Like old school batteries, NiCad batteries tend to “fade out” when they run out. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference.

Li-Ion batteries, on the other hand are costlier, lighter, and could last for as long as eight hours at a time. Again, this can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what type of wood- or steel-worker you are. Li-Ion batteries tend to manage temperatures better so when you accidentally leave them too long to charge, they won’t easily be destroyed. These batteries die out without warning. Manufacturers like to term it as “fade-less”, but it can be a bad thing when you’re a worker who likes to be warned when you can’t work with your tool anymore. The only consolation is that these batteries take a lot shorter to recharge. If you’re thinking of buying an extra pack, though, you might be in for a big expense.

It is best to check out accessories before purchasing from any tool line. Ideally, you should be purchasing from the same power tool line because you can take advantage of the battery backs, drills and other accessories shared by tools in the same line. This might mean you will need to reassess how you use power tools though, and how much you are willing to spend on your tools. Just remember, though, that you get what you pay for in power tools. Higher end tools just tend to perform better, last longer, and provider a more ergonomic handling.

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