Churches In Pune That You Must Not Forget Visiting

There are numerous spots that should be gone to and investigated in Pune. Among these are the holy places and houses of God in the sprawling city. With numerous energizing spots and places to appreciate in the city, the sightseers can watch and appreciate a few houses of worship in Pune that were worked by the British and Europeans back in the colonial time. So if you are going to Pune, be it for any purpose, then it is ideal to visit the churches of Pune that stood tall in the testing times and still draw in numerous travellers here.

Going for a business meeting to Pune? Of course, you need to keep a check on the Delhi to Pune flight status so as to avoid any disorder. Business meetings surely can be exhausting and boring at times. Fret not. Pune has enough spots where you can sit back and relax, once you are done with discussing business. Amongst the various spas, night clubs, restaurants, pubs, etc. that help you relax and de-stress, how can one forget the heavenly churches and temples? So here’s a rundown of the most famous and revered churches of Pune that you must pay a visit to. Surrender yourself to the almighty for sometime, buddy!

  1. Methodist Marathi Church

American Methodist Missionary Mr. William Tailor came to Pune on 14th September 1872. The Methodist Church was begun in the home of Mr. Anglow Desuza on the brilliant day of 28th September 1872. The commitment of the old working of the congregation was finished by Rev. John Blackstone on 19th June 1886. The new Oldham Memorial Church was committed on 27th June 1971. The present building is outfitted by glass pictures fitted on the windows. It pulls in various admirers. Cross on the Pulpit, the Alfa and Omega on its table, Greek Cross on the divider inverse to the lectern and 7-light “Jhumber” are the things to be viewed in this congregation.

2. All Saints Church

The All Saints Church was built by the Britishers in 1869. The banners are still moderated with much care. The glasses are created with delightful outlines with hues. The glasses and the wooden articles were brought from Europe and different parts of the world. The structure is worked with stones aside from the lectern and it is wonderful to watch. The congregation still protect the records of conception, marriage, passing authentications issued from the year 1869. The congregation holds petitions to God in English, Marathi, and Malayalam.

3. Christ Church

Christ Church is said to be the greatest Church in Maharashtra and there are around 2000 members associated with this Church. An evangelist from Scotland built up this Church in 1831. As the Church expanded its members in numbers, the lobby wasn’t adequate for all. Subsequently in 1895 the present day Church was constructed. Number of individuals expanded and the extension of the Church occurred in 1979. In 1989 the Church began a Nursery School in its compound which has now transformed into a High School.

4. Church of the Holy Name

The historical backdrop of chapel  dates back to 1885. A traveler wrote in 1917 that this congregation will stand the second coming. The congregation is worked with blocks on the basilica. The Church’s tower is 130-feet high. The clock tower has eight bells, each of which are engraved with the holy name “Jesus” and were made in England. This church, along with the other ones, make for some of the most noteworthy places to visit in and around Pune.