Choose The Right Fashion Handbags Depending On The Type Of Your Body

A woman cannot be considered chic without fashion handbags which suits her from all points of view. If you know how to choose the right bag depending on your preferences, needs and outfit, it does not mean that you covered all the criteria. Besides their role of helping us carry the necessary things with us, bags should be perfectly adapted to our body type.

The Size

If you are a small woman, oversized bags are definitely not for you. You should opt for something smaller, according to your proportions. Although oversized fashion handbags 2016 are the current trend, they do not suit you, so you should go for something classical. A small bag or a medium sized one will harmonize perfectly with your height and constitution, whereas if you choose a XXL bag, no matter how fashionable it is, it will eclipse you, or it will make you look as if you were “crushed” under its weight. Although fashion handbags 2016 tend to be large and roomy, you do not need to worry, small bags are as chic and fashionable, as long as they have an interesting design. At Online Website, you can find various models of fashion handbags online, which will emphasize the lines and beauty of your body.

The Strap

Another important criterion is the strap. The last few years have shown the tendency of designer fashion handbags with shorter and shorter straps. Thus, most purses became handbags instead of being shoulder bags. Even if the models with short straps are the most common, you can find many beautiful models of fashion handbags online with medium or long straps.

For a thin woman, fashion handbags with medium straps are recommended. These will emphasize her upper part of the body and her waist. As a general rule, the bag attracts the glances, so they emphasize that part of the body they are next to. In other words, you can emphasize whatever you like most in your body with the help of designer fashion handbags, just by playing with the length of the strap.

The Shape  

It is always better to choose a bag which has a shape opposite to the one of your body. Thus, a tall and thin woman should wear a bag which looks very rounded and full. Women who are a little plump should choose fashion handbags with very long straps, which will make them look longer and thinner. Also, a cross body bag will be in your advantage. Regardless of the type of your body and your preferences, you can surely find the right bag for you at