Gaining weight is very trickier as it sounds. Some people believe that weight gain is necessary to have the perfect body shape, as the perfect curves and shape are more attractive making the person feel confident and beautiful. But it is very difficult to maintain a stable weight. One might even lose weight in case of some prolonged illness; trauma or some deficiency in the body, which may does not make the body gain the fats.

For such reasons many of the weight specialist and dieticians even refer some sort of supplement which are really safe to be included in the diet for weight gain. These supplements simply boost up the energy and give strength to the muscle tissues making them look strong. For these one can look for affordable prices for Oxandrolone, which is easily available and can be consumed for effective weight gain.


Other ways to increase weight can be, naturally by taking healthy intake of dietary and proteins, which help the body get back into shape easily. These need a little patience to come across the finish line building the weight slowly.

  • Lean Red Meat- For those who are trying to gain weight can try on some lean red meat. It contains a lot of proteins and iron that increases weight. But they are so delicious making people do overeating, getting an excess of calories, which may also be bad for the health. Consume things in the right order and proportion of effective weight gain.
  • Peanut butter- It is a great choice packed with high proteins and is loved by everyone with toppings on the slices of bread and sometimes mixed in oatmeals. The real peanut butter is not only delicious and is rich in proteins, but it also has certain vitamins like B3, E, magnesium, which can complete the body vitamin deficiencies.
  • Whole milk- The dieticians believe that for those looking for weight gain must switch to whole fat milk instead of skimmed milk. The calorie in whole milk is enough for completing the dietary need as it also contains vitamins and nutrients.
  • Tropical fruits- Adding fruit in the diet is very important, especially the ones like papaya, bananas, mango which are rich in fiber and possess the natural sugar which is very essential for storing energy in the body. Banana with a glass of milk is very good for boosting the weight very quickly.
  • Delicious greens- The green vegetables like avocado, adds heart healthy fat to the diet. Avocado salads and even slicing of avocado on bread tastes delicious.
  • Whole wheat bread- The doctors strongly recommend whole wheat breads as they are very good source of fiber and minerals necessary for the body. Avoid eating white bread as it is considered unhealthy.
  • Vegetable oils- Consuming oils in cooking and salad dressing can also be a good source of fat increasing the weight. Butter is also preferred for skinny people having the right body shape.

Having all such healthy food in the diet boosts up the fat content giving strength to body tissues and muscles. But still if it is not working, trying on some reliable supplements recommended by doctors can be consumed. They are available easily and at affordable prices for Oxandrolone, which works like wonders in the weight gain process.