Best Ways To Enjoy Shayaris!

Shayaris doesn’t have to be unpleasant or uninteresting. By learning to approach the ‘shayari’ world as something to be pleasurable rather than something to be boring, one can have fun with reading and writing all types of shayaris. Here are some ways to enjoy shayaris to the fullest:

  1. While Reading Shayaris:
  • Find a topic you are interested in, or go for your favorite composer (shayar). Once you know which kind of shayari you want to read, your search becomes easy. Some of the types of shayaris you can read are love shayari, funny shayari, romantic shayari, inspirational shayari, sad shayari and friendship shayaris, to name a few.
  • Read shayaris online. Today, web is loaded with tons of platforms that offer free access to shayaris. The quality of shayaris available there is high and their quantity is huge.
  • Shayaris doesn’t have to be about ancient times. So, don’t settle for old shayaris only. Instead, go through all kinds of modern shayaris. There’s a whole world of modern shayari out there that’s worth exploring!
  • Keep reading the shayaris you like. Create copies of your favorite shayaris and store them on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet and read them over and over again.
  • Shayaris are composed in such a way so that one can truly feel them. If you can’t feel them, give them a voice. Read a shayari out loud and pay attention to how it makes you feel.
  • Shayaris make a lot more sense when they are heard. So, besides reading shayaris, you can attend shayari programs and listen to the shayaris. You can also look up for videos related to shayaris on web.
  1. While Writing Shayaris:
  • Writing shayaris isn’t at all tricky. Because a shayari is something that is related to feelings that come directly from the heart, one doesn’t have to be a poet in order to quote a shayari. Just compose shayaris based on a theme you are interested in and make it work. Just make sure to use short sentences while quoting a shayari. If you are finding it difficult to compose shayaris on your own, use internet search for help. There is plenty of content available on web that you can use as a base before penning down shayaris all by yourself.
  • Shayaris are composed of various elements. Acquire an apt knowledge of these elements before you decide to write shayaris. Doing this will help you compose a shayari successfully.
  • While you write a shayari, several rhyming schemes and patterns come in your mind. These rhyming compositions not only help you in composing shayaris, but even allow you to indulge in fun at the same time.
  • Think about a passionate title and write a shayari based on that. You can choose interesting titles based on love, romance, motivation, broken heart, and so on. If you want to have more fun while composing shayaris, choose ‘humor’ as the theme.
  • Learning about shayaris from an experienced shayar or an experienced reader of shayari will not only make the work of quoting shayaris easy, but will also make your composing a lot more fun.
  • You can even explore Love Wale for shayaris of all kinds. Read all types of shayaris from there to successfully create shayaris on your own. No matter which type of shayari you are interested in – romantic or love shayaris, emotional shayaris, sad shayaris, motivational shayaris, friendship shayaris, two-line shayari or more, the platform has got you covered. (Note: all these shayaris available on Love Wale are exciting and fun to read).