5 Therapeutic Uses For Breathing and Meditation Exercises

It may initially be extremely frustrating when you’re starting to get angry or panic about something and someone tells you to just take a step back and breathe, but overwhelmingly, it’s absolutely the best technique to calm yourself down. That’s right. Just. Breathe! Any time stress threatens to overtake you – just breathe.

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A few examples of the ways that therapeutic breathing can impact you positively are in the list below, and include addiction recovery, parenting stress, getting in the zone with regard to sports, general anger management, and managing job stress.

  1. Addiction Recovery

Any time a person is trying to recover from an addiction, one of the first reactions to changes in behavior or habit is to panic. But, instead of letting that panic run away with you, if you have steps in place to focus on the physical process of breathing, then you’ve already fought through some of the worst thoughts and anxieties that can be causing you trouble. That’s why it’s common for recovery centers to have activities that simply focus on breathing, to allow addicts this short path to temporary peace while they get their thoughts together.

  1. Parenting

Trying to be a good parent in modern society can be one of the most stressful things that individuals go through on a daily basis, which is why knowing a few quick parenting meditations – that always involve breath control – can be one of the best techniques to keep in your back pocket. The techniques are subtle, but the results are huge, and the people around you, as well as your children, will appreciate your efforts.

  1. Sports Focus

If you’ve seen one of the million articles written about the zone with regard to sports, a huge part of it is simply an individualized breathing and meditation pathway that athletes go through in order to be their best physical and mental self. Often they will pick up little pieces of other methods in order to create their own custom version, but the end result is the same.

  1. Anger Management

Anger management is a gigantic problem for some people, to the point where it affects their jobs, their families, and their home life. And though it sounds too simple to be true, just having a few breathing and meditation exercises meant specifically for controlling anger can make all the difference in the world.

  1. Managing Job Stress

And finally, job stress can ruin your day and eventually even make your sick. But if you take a few minutes whenever needed and break away from your job simple to breathe, you see immediate results and be surprised that you haven’t picked up these basic techniques earlier in life!