5 Ideal Locations For Assisted Living and Retirement

As people get older, the conversation is going to start about both retirement and assisted living. Often the first time you’ll have to deal with this as an adult is when your parents reach retirement age, but when you and your friend hit the age, it come into mind again as well.


So, rather than be surprised about it however long down the road that is, why not take a minute of your time sooner rather than later and consider the ideal locations for things like assisted living and retirement, including places like Arizona, Florida, California, Colorado, and Oregon? Each of these places has highlights in terms of living quality, potential activities, and the all-important weather aspect.

  1. Arizona

Arizona is well-known for it’s fantastic weather for retirees, as the dry heat tends to minimize many of the aches, pains, and conditions that people run into as age advances. In addition, Arizona assisted living facilities are known for their great living standards in general, and there are pockets of assisted living communities all over the place to choose from. Just a brief search online will begin to show you how well-reviewed the places are in the state as a whole, with specific attention being given to particular places like Arcadia or Scottsdale.

  1. Florida

And for the avid golfer, there’s no place like Florida for the retiree who wants to stay relaxed but active. Many assisted living facilities in this particularly temperate area of the country are directly associate with beautiful golf courses, and although that might up the overall expense, it’s well worth it for those inclined to use golf as a major hobby.

  1. California

And though heading to a busy city like Los Angeles or San Francisco probably isn’t going to be on the radar of most retirement-age folks, there are absolutely gorgeous retirement communities all over the rest of the state that boast some of the best weather on the planet. Plus, for retirees with families, knowing that their family can come visit California to see them is a plus in terms of the potential for vacation time.

  1. Colorado

Colorado is one of the most relaxed states in the country, and a great place for older folks who aren’t afraid of winter activities, but enjoy the more down-tempo feel of a more liberal community. And the interested trend in today’s world is that the more relaxed people that come together, the more they tend to attract people of the same temperament.

  1. Oregon

And finally, for those who love the feel of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon may have exactly what you need, from the laid-back city feel of the Portland area to the ranch country that takes up another big chunk of the state.