5 Footwear Trends For Summer 2016

Remarkably, a little crazy or just awfully logical. Opinions about the shoe trends for the upcoming summer run quite considerably. There is something for everyone, it anyways. Which of these five trends is your favorite?

Summer is the time for sandals and other open shoes charm which mostly do not cover too much of your feet, but in the Netherlands this is not always feasible. Fortunately, there are also a lot of shoe trends that are more focused on the climate in our little country. Below is a small selection, five types of shoes that should not be missing in your closet.

High platform

The Spice Girls are back! Well, the shoes worn by them. High Platform, the higher the better. But let’s keep a modest height of a few centimeters for portability. Just slightly higher than the average sole so your good stand and a few extra inches short in length high in calibre. And not in violet or bright pink glow matter of course. No, the platform is preferably nice basic. White canvas, black leather. You know him, right?


On top and chic, yet comfortable. That’s the loafer. Although he also quite tough from the angle can be, for example lacquered black snakeskin. My favorite is a copy with suede leopard print, but my somewhat hairy black loafers are also high on the often-wear list. The fine of loafers is that they are not inferior to a few pumps in terms of looks and they are a lot more comfortable than for example those ballerinas where you always get off accidentally.


A hero on socks will never be the same. These socks are all the rage this summer. In shoes, mind you. Buy these long socks with heel so great but one size larger, because the sock should fit in. What sock? You can buy calibre socks from CalibreApparel.Com. That does not matter! A lovely lacy pair of striking dotted copies? No problem! Indeed, even the white sport sock is permitted.


How nice it is when your favorite trend for a few seasons can last? Exactly! That is why I am so thrilled that the sneaker this summer may shine at my feet, even when I’m not on the way to the gym. Nike Air Max in a hip tan, old school K-Swiss or Stan Smith Adidas men shirts in classic white. Choose what you like, because it’s all hip.