Top 3 Steps To Easy Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioners are mainly designed with different features by the manufacturer. So it is very hard to install the air conditioning system all by yourself. You need some proper specification and tools for air conditioning installation and in this regards you must hire the company professionals, and they can install it in a proper manner. There might be a chance for bursting the air conditioning due to power fluctuation, and it needs complete testing measurement during the installation and it can only be done by the trained mechanics.

Top 3 Steps To Easy Air Conditioning Installation

# 3 Steps to install a split air conditioner

  1. Deciding the location- The first step is to find the correct location to install the split ac. You should choose the ideal interior wall that does not face direct sunlight. Split ac requires almost about 15 centimeters space above its top and sides too. Further, you should place it about 1 meter away from the connecting lines of television, intercoms or other home security systems. Not to forget, the wall must be strong enough to hold the weight of the ac.
  1. Securing the mounting plate- Now, you can just secure the mounting plate against the wall on which you want the air-conditioner. Always make sure that the plate is nicely fixed and is both vertically and horizontally square. You can then drill the holes to affix the plate and then put plastic anchors into it. You can take the help of tapping screws in order to secure the plate firmly.
  1. Piping and connecting- Now, you will have to drill a hole to place the piping. You can drill it in about 7.5 centimeters into the wall. While drilling, keep in mind that the hole should have slight slope in order to keep the drainage smooth. You can then insert a flexible flange in it. After all this, you can just connect the pipes to finish the entire process.

Window air conditioning installation

Installing a window ac is not a tough job. You just need to take out the unit from the box first with the help of one more person. With double hung windows, installing this ac can be very simple and easy. You may have to assemble the window extensions of the ac on your own if your unit does not have it assembled. However, these days, most of the air conditioners come with everything ready and have everything assembled. If you are required to assemble it then you can just put some brackets.

Since the way of installation or assembling may differ from one ac to model to another, you must go through the user’s manual before doing it. Afterwards, you just need to raise the lower pane and then slide the unit into the window space. Yes, you will require someone to help you in this, as the unit is heavy enough that you will not be able to handle alone. Now, you can fasten the ac to the brackets and lock it. You should then secure the window extensions to the jamb.

What are necessary tools for the air conditioning installation?

Air conditioning installation can be done with the right tools, and just a little bit of help. However, it must still be left to experts to avoid complications. To start with, wall units can be really heavy. Thus, it can be difficult to install them all by yourself. Secondly, and more importantly, incorrect air conditioning installation can lead to water leakage, which can damage your walls.

An expert would know the best method to install a unit at your place. Moreover, an expert will also undertake regular maintenance of the unit, which will ensure optimal cooling of the place. In essence, you will be saving on your energy bills with the right air conditioning installation.

These are a few important steps you should know about air conditioning installation in your home and office. Keep in touch, get more information!