Maintenance and Support Of Your Business Telephone Is Of Utmost Importance

Your business will be in serious trouble, if you don’t competently handle the maintenance of business telephone. Maintenance of phone system is an indispensable part of any business, as it ensures a trustworthy professional image. In addition, it also keeps your customers satisfied.

Often the maintenance of business telephone system is handed over to a third party. The following checklist will help you find out whether you are getting the best deal from your provider.

  1. Experience – The provider should have several years of experience in providing dedicated maintenance for major telephone systems.
  2. The ‘Opening Hours’ must suits Your Business -A few business can have their workday cover in the normal business hours. However, some need 365 days cover. Even if you do not require ‘out of hours’ service, ensure that the provider can routinely offer such service. This way, you won’t be charged exorbitantly for the service that is not provided regularly.
  3. What is the Response Time – If the supplier cannot quote at least 97% of successful response time, then you need to shop around for companies that can achieve this on a regular basis.
  4. How Many Faults Could Be Cured Remotely – An average of 70 percent should be cleared, as it ensures that you are getting an excellent technical team.
  5. Extra Equipment – The equipment that you want to obtain will be added to the maintenance contract and you will get a new quote.
  6. What is the Payment Type – Established providers offer half yearly or quarterly direct debit plans, which will help you in the cash flow
  7. General Advice on Business Telephone Maintenance – Sometimes, you may need recommendation on functions like call logging, voicemail or general advice on some particular phone system. Also, you might want advice on how to choose additional equipment or on installation of cables.

When you receive maintenance and support for your Avaya  telephone from a licensed provider, you can be assured that it is configured properly and provides the best functionality.

Advantages of Choosing a Certified Service Provider

  1. Installation – Professional installation is an important 3rd party telephone services that a business receives. Installation of telephones including PBX in the workstations is provided, if the client chooses managed network.
  2. Maintenance – This is another advantage of employing a managed or fully hosted telephone network. The licensed provider will offer a full range of communication managing services like system alarms to remote response, repair to substituting the malfunctioning hardware, and planned service checks in order to make sure that the resources are functioning correctly and utilized properly.
  3. Support – The service provider can supervise the functionality of the whole system remotely. Therefore, the technical problems are addressed quickly with high success rate. As they use the right diagnostic tools, the provider can resolve almost 90% of the problems without visiting the customer’s property. Some companies need their telephone network to be monitored only during business hours, while others may need it 24/7. So, the service plan is customized to meet the requirement of every customer.

Always choose providers, who offer premier phone system support, as they manage your account and ensure that all the equipment is covered.

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